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Dear Fandom,

I know I'm mostly a lurker, with a few comments every now and then, but seriously, all this hate needs to stop. I'm getting really sick of checking the communities to see people urging others to hate on specific characters, OR EVEN ENCOURAGE A BOYCOT OF THE UPCOMING NEW SEASON. If you're really a fan of the show, wouldn't you stick with it, no matter what? Or am I alone in feeling that the creator is allowed to tell the stories that he wants to tell? It's kinda his creation, after all. He's also kinda being paid to write it and you're not. That's why they invented fanfiction.

Also, reading a fic of my favorite pairing, only to be assaulted by CHARACTER!HATE instead of the certain pairing I clicked the link for is getting old. Yes, I'm glad you hate that character. Good for you. But do you really have to insert your hate into a story where the plot you've written has nothing to do with said character?

Besides, all this hate is what causes the writers and actors to hate fandom and gives us a bad name. Why would you want your so-called heroes to think so poorly of you?

Can't we all just be accepting of the stories and characters they give us? Or at the very least, could you keep it inside your friends-locked personal journal so I don't have to have your rain cloud of hate ruin my happiness parade of love?

May love and good attitudes prevail,


P.S.: Also, if you could PLEASE keep your Character!Hate out of comments, that would be awesome. I just read a light, fluffy, feel-good piece that was COMPLETELY ruined by the first comment, chock-full of Character!Hate. For fucks sake, people.
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