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My landlady at the place I'd been staying at since May 2010 gave me my 30 day notice back in January. It took me 3 weeks to find a place willing to allow my cats and within my budget, but I managed with 8 days left to find a tiny room. They have another room opening at the end of March, so the plan was to stay in the tiny room for 2 months, then go into the bigger one.

With 5 days left before I would be forced to move, that woman calls me and tells me that her brother-in-law suddenly needs a place to live and her husband offered the room I was supposed to move into.

I basically freaked out for 2 days. Mind you, this is all happening smack dab during load-in week where we've been working 12 days in a row, usually about 10 hour days because we were behind and needed to get the set up in time for Tech the following week.

My mother, being the amazing person she is, and happening to take 2 days off in a row due to the weather back in Ohio, spent an ENTIRE day calling people and emailing people from craigslist. At the end of this day, after finding nothing, we decide that getting rid of my cats may be my only possible option.

I spent the entirety of the next day crying during work, because I couldn't bear the thought of giving up my babies. Literally... I welded together a metal ladder while sobbing. It was pretty intense.

At the end of this day, my female co-workers have decided to de-stress by going to some local hot springs and ask me along. I decide that I definitely need to destress so agree, but check my email before I go. My mom sent me one last place that she wasn't sure about, because it is located outside city limits.

Desperate now, I call and the lady tells me she loves cats and I can move in whenever I want to.

I start crying out of relief and spend the rest of the evening absolutely blissful that this craziness is over.

That was Friday, Feb 4. I spent Saturday with the woman I met online, destressing further with her and spending a wonderful day doing nothing. On Sunday, I went to inspect the place, though I reasoned that it didn't matter because there was no way I would find another place in 2 days.

It's located in a tiny tiny village about 20 minutes away from my place of work. The place is a trailer, but it's actually in very nice condition. My room is tiny, but has a window and a closet and the area is BEAUTIFUL. There are mountains with cows surrounding me and it's so quiet. Also, at night it's so dark that I can see stars I've only ever seen while camping. Plus, a neighbour heats their house with wood, so it always smells like campfire and I LOVE that smell.

The bad things include the fact that since it's in the mountains, I get no cell phone reception and the internet is ridiculously slow. I can't even load the WoW launcher, let alone the game, and some websites (like won't even load completely because it's too image/java heavy. I don't have a television anymore, so my PS3 is useless since my computer monitor is too old to have a HDMI input. Also, it's 20 minutes (one way) from work, meaning I'm spending about $3 a day in gas to get to and from work. With all this, one would think the room would be cheap, but oh no... I'm paying no less than I was in the previous condo, where I had my own bathroom, a huge bedroom, and a garage.

There's also the fact that the post office in this village is only open like 9am-11am Mon-Fri and there are no postmen, so I basically can't get mail. Netflix won't even verify that the address exists. I'm looking into a PO Box in the town I work in, but it's proving difficult since they require proof of residence, which I can't provide. (I'm just handing over money, month to month, with no agreement or lease or anything.)

The landlady lives in the room next to me and there is another roommate, a man in his 40s from Texas. I don't know really what he does, but he keeps very strange hours and managed to get me the wireless key by using some program on his laptop to convert the passphrase (which wouldn't work) into WEP encryption (which did). I now feel like he's a hacker by trade. LOL

The problem is that other than all those bad things, so far I really like it here. I love living in the quiet country, I love waking up to the beautiful almond tree directly outside my window that is currently in bloom... I really like most things. If this was the 1940s, I would be in bliss right now. Unfortunately the technological difficulties I'm having is making me really want to move. (And the distance...)

But anyway. This is where I'm at right now and how the past couple weeks has been. We'll see how the next go.

Of the female companions I've seen, (Nu!Who only) Amy Pond is by far my favourite. I think it has to do with the fact that she was my first companion, and through her eyes I was introduced to the Doctor and the Weeping Angels and everything this universe entails. Also, I connect with her far more than the others. Please note: I do like all of the companions. I just tend to like some more than others.

Rose was younger than me and in a dead end job. She didn't seem to have much ambition and was destined for a dull life because she didn't want to go out and make something of herself. It took the Doctor showing her what was possible for her to be motivated to do it. I am not like this. My whole life I've been thinking "there's something more!" and I've left my comfort zone to go find it. I related to her enough to like her, and absolutely related to her feelings for the Doctor, as well as the slightly selfish clingy-ness and the quick thinking. She also redeemed herself with the motivation aspect by taking two years of her life devoted to NOTHING except getting back to the Doctor.

Martha is a strong, ambitious woman, and I love that about her. She had high expectations for herself and I relate to that, too. However, the way she handles situations is completely unlike me. I wish I could be as calm, cool, and rational as she is, but really, I would have been freaking the fuck out in that hospital. I probably would have eventually gotten to the point of wonder, (I have ALWAYS wanted to go there) but nowhere near as quickly as she did. I also related, again, to her feelings for the Doctor, but the way she surpassed them and "Got Out" at the end of Series 3... she blew me away. I really respect Martha Jones.

Donna Noble... at first I didn't like her. She was older and brash and just... people with her personality make me incredibly uncomfortable. However, as she became a real companion in season 4, she grew on me. I really don't relate to her at all, she's pretty much my complete opposite in thinking and dealing with situations, but I absolutely can appreciate that she is EXACTLY what the Doctor needed in a companion. He really needed more of a mate, as well as someone to keep him in line, and she was brilliant at that. She also, though brash, had such a strong empathy for people and I respect her for it. And, the Doctor!Donna was AMAZING. She was so fantastic in those moments... and she contributed to one of my favourite characters in the series: TenII.

Amy, though. If I could be any of them, I would be Amy. Amy spent her childhood dreaming of the Doctor coming back to her, of better things, and forcing others to go along with it. This was me. I still fantasize about things daily. I may not be as forceful as she is, but I admire that about her. She knows what she wants and she will go get it.

Unless, of course, she doesn't know what she wants. I empathize with that a TON. She was frightened about getting Married, not entirely sure she wanted to go through with it... not entirely sure Rory was the right guy. And in walks the object of all her childhood fantasies, taking her away on spectacular adventures and proving to herself and him, that she is capable of it. I would have reacted EXACTLY the same way as she did.

And when the Doctor just brought Rory along... the whole time I knew what Amy was feeling. I knew how she felt. And I'm so glad she ended up making the choice she did. It was just too bad that it took Rory dying to make her see the truth, but I completely empathize.

I could go on about Amy for hours, I really could. It might also be the fact that Season 5 just blew me away in general... I didn't know how I felt when I first watched it, but I knew I was hooked. Then upon re-watching... oh man. Seeing all the little things that are nothing the first time, yet SO RELEVANT the second. I love shit like that. Stephen Moffit=Amazing.


All that said, I cannot leave out Captain Jack Harkness. I don't know if he's technically considered a "companion" anymore since he's got his own show, but the fact remains he started on Doctor Who. I forever wish that we could see what happened between The Doctor Dances and Boomtown, but I'll let fan fiction satisfy me enough. I don't even think I can articulate how much I love this man, but especially the fact that not only is his character on television in the first place, but that he is the Lead in his own show.

Not often do you get characters of alternative sexualities on shows, unless they're there for THAT specific plotline. But to have one as the Lead, along with the fact that it's just accepted about who he is, and not a big deal, or the "Focus" or anything. It's marvellous.

(Also, as a completely personal side note, the fact that Jack is very much anti-labels makes me feel the slightest bit validated. I have always felt like labels are shit and it took my Gay and Lesbian Theatre class to show me that I am not alone in my thinking. Then in walks a character on a massively popular television show who is written to feel the same... I only wish John Barrowman agreed with it, but I can't have everything. I love JB to pieces, and I understand that in a political landscape asking for anti-labels is worthless since it's how we define our society. However, this is the reason why if I ever play Jack Harkness, I will never place "omnisexual" in the "sexuality" slot. That is a label others (read:Actors/Writers) have put on him and it's CANON that he doesn't feel how he acts defines him.) /soapbox

So yeah. I love me some Jack. He's such an intriguing character, so different from most on television right now. I'm so excited for the next season of Torchwood and can't help but hope he makes it back onto Doctor Who. He was created by Stephen Moffit... and River Song showed back up... *whimper*


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