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Day 3 - Favourite Villain/Monster/Alien/Baddie of the Week

Hands down, by far, John Simm as The Master.

Since I have never experienced any of the other Masters before, with the exception of Jonathan Price in the Rowan Atkinson parody, John Simm IS the character for me.

I love how he's just so... upbeat and maniac. He takes the Doctor's usual level of mania and makes him look so serious. I love him rocking out to Scissor Sisters, I love his funny/not funny faces... I love how he likes when The Doctor calls him by his name.

I also love when he comes back in End of Time and he and the Doctor have that scene where the Doctor learns that the drums are real... as well as their final moments together when the Doctor tells him to get out of the way, then the Master does the same. It was so poetic.

He also pretty much fulfils everything I love about dark!fic... reading Master/Doctor or even Master/Doctor/Jack is some of my favorite guilty pleasure dark!fic. He can be so delightfully upbeat while doing terrible things... I guess I have a thing for upbeat, snarky torture?

Anyway, yes. I was soooooo happy when he came back and we got more of him. It also was interesting to see The Master versus the Time Lords. The Doctor had been SO upset/worried/grave when he learned which of the Time Lords had survived in Season 3, but the whole race coming back in EoT made the Master look more like a naughty schoolboy than The Big Bad. I thought that was phenomenal.

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