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Birthdate:Jul 31
Location:California, United States of America
This journal is almost exclusivly my life. I journal to remind myself what I did so I don't lose memories I'd rather keep. My fandom squeeage penetrates at times, but it's mostly summarized in my interests and my banner. I used to be in band, am an alumni of Kappa Kappa Psi, and participate in many fandoms. If you wanna get to know me better, comment.


Interests (129):

8 bit theatre, ace of cakes, angel the series, angel(us)/spike, angel(us)/william, angel/lindsey, angelus, avenue q, band, bdsm, belt!kink, bisexuality, blackadder, bobby drake, bondage, boondock saints, boys in eyeliner, buffy the vampire slayer, castle, chef duff, christian kane, computer games, connor/murphy, console games, daddy!kink, danny elfman, deadpool, discipline, dominance, domination, donnie brasco, dramatic movies, eddie izzard, ewan mcgregor, fanfiction, feminism, final fantasy, gaming, gay men, get fuzzy, gir, harry potter, history, holmes/watson, horatio hornblower, invader zim, ioan gruffudd, james bond, jared padalecki, jared/jensen, jensen ackles, johnny depp, jthm, kappa kappa psi, kent state, kingdom hearts, latin, live action role-playing games, lord of the rings, mafia movies, making things, marching band, masochism, mel brooks, minds eye theatre, monty python, mozart, music, musicals, mythology, nathan fillion, nightmare before christmas, nintendo, pirates of the caribbean, punishment, rav 4, ravnos, reading, remus lupin, remus/sirius, road trips, robert downey jr., role-playing online, roleplaying, rps, rurouni kenshin, ryan reynolds, sadism, saito/sanosuke, saitouxsanosuke, sam/dean, schadenfreude, scotland, sherlock holmes, sirius black, sirius/lupin, slash, soundtracks, spanking, spike, squee!, squirrels covered in makeup, squirrels with flutes, st:ds9, star wars, submission, supernatural, taking things apart, the beatles, the fanged four, the reduced shakespeare company, the winchester brothers, tim burton, trumpet, united kingdom, unlocking unlockables in games, vampire: the masquerade, vampires, video games, watching movies, werewolf: the apocolypse, white wolf games, wolverine, world of warcraft, writing, x-files, x-men, x-men: evolution, yaoi
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