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May. 23rd, 2006 06:57 am
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So. Computers are BITCHES. My new one came in the mail, yay for that. But I set it all up made sure it fit on my table so I can run them both at the same time so i can transfer data (because my CD burner on my old computer apparently doesn't work anymore) and turned the new sucker on.... and it shows the "Loading Windows XP" screen, then the screen goes black and nothing I try makes it show anything. I get to wait until this weekend when my brother visits for help.

So now I'm having problems with my new one while my old one slowly dies more everyday. Today my Paint Shop program refused to work properly... it only opened about 1/3 of the buttons and applications within the program and wouldn't let me save or open anything other than jpgs. Plus "save" was the only selection I could make. My computer wouldn't let me see any picspams on LJ today, and AIM was having problems not committing fatal errors every 15 minutes. Then when I was trying to read fics, my mouse scroll decided to set itself to "page back" instead of "scroll down" so everytime I tried to scroll, I ended up 2 or 3 webpages previous. And if I tried to click on something, it would highlight everything up to where I clicked, instead of me just left-clicking. And to make my life SO MUCH EASIER, I accidentally dumped my bottle of water all over my keyboard, which was interesting because the only thing that would work after that point was the keyboard shortcut for "calculator" (which i didn't even know existed) that would randomly pop itself up about 7 or 8 times while I was trying to sop up water from the floor and wasn't even looking at it, let alone touching anything. 

Isn't technology wonderful?

In other news I went to [profile] pet_23's house last weekend and we watched a whole bunch of Dark Angel (OMG is Jensen HOTT in that), a few clips from Jensen in Smallville, New York Minute (Jared shirtless then in see-thru white shirt=lust), some interesting fanvids (RPS fanvids are much more fun and much less squicky than they sound), and a behind the scenes of House of Wax thing. (Jared's so Cuuuuute). We also read some fic together and nearly pissed ourselves laughing about random shit because when I havn't slept in 23 hours and drove for 4 I get crazy slap-happy at 6am. We also spent 2 hours looking at pictures of Jared and Jensen, and I completely stole the mouse and played Zoom In On Jensen's Pointy Nipples for a good 3/4 of it. Damn does that man have pointy nipples that you can see through nearly any shirt he wears. I also had fun zooming in on pictures of Jensen's open mouth. Like I said: Slap-happy.

She burned me 2 new CDs of SPN related music, and then I came back home and watched a West Wing with my mom before coming back home home and reading porn until 5am, then sleeping until 8am when I had to get up for work. 

I've pre-ordered SPN Season 1 from, yay. And I'm seriously considering going to Nashville for the first ever Winchestercon in October. I'm not sure yet, because it's alot of money and an 8 hour drive from my house which I don't think I could do by myself. I checked flights and it would be over $100 for a roundtrip ticket (which isn't too much honestly, but more than I'm willing to pay on top of hotel and convention fees) I just don't know if it would even out with gas prices being what they are. Right now it's about $40 a tank, and if it takes 3/4 a tank to drive to Clearfield and back (which is about 150 miles) it would take about 3-4 tanks for the 500+ mile trip to Nashville. I'm going to have to do a lot more thinking. I have until July 1 to decide, though maybe less because apparently the hotel is getting booked fast.

In other news I'm waiting to talk to my psychologist before seriously considering dropping out of college. It's just kinda something I'm running through my brain at the moment. I realized that I'm blowing money that's supposed to last me through life on band and indecisiveness right now. Since I have no idea what I'm doing or what I want to do, it makes more sense economically to drop out, save money, and try and decide what I want instead of blowing it all on experimentation.

I'm also gearing up to try my hand at writing again, because I havn't been this obsessed with something in a long time and I'm finally thinking of possible ideas. 

Oh, and I'm planning on getting my hair cut again, and I'm thinking about trying a Sam style cut, because it might look ok on me. Plus if I don't like it I can just go from there into something Angel/Dean-like. Now I just have to get over the embarassment of carrying 2 pictures of Jared Padalecki into a shop and being like "Hi, I'm a crazy!obsessed fangirl and I wanna get a boy's haircut that looks like him even though you can see I'm a girl and I know you're going to laugh over this for hours in the backroom". Oh well.

My mother's bought a house. So now I get to clean out all the shit from her old one. Whee. I think I've said this before but I can't remember right now, plus it wasn't set in stone like it is now.

"Lollipops and Candycanes."

"No NO! Get off of Jesus!"

Some happy quotes to get me out of my depression. Oh and [personal profile] carmendove totally made my day with behind the scenes icons of the boys... and 3 of them hit my naughty!kink so hard... one of which I'm using for this post. The other two are great as well... especially the "Jensen Ross Ackles Go to your trailer!" one. Hit my naughty!kink AND my full-name!kink. *sighs in happiness* (they're all in my userpics if you wanna see the other 2)

Bye for now :)
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So I forgot 1 on my list-o-kink. 

34. Blood. (Not gushing, not bruising, just... lines of blood.

possible SPOILER/SADNESS WARNING... 2 pics behind cut are from Devil's Trap (aka the SPN finale).

Mmmmm bloody!Dean. I want s'more of that, baby.

PS- Mouse-over to see where the pics came from, because I didn't make or cap any of them. Thanks to those I swiped them from.

Oh, and in other news, my new computer hasn't come yet, and my old one is being weird... a while ago it stopped showing the animation on .gifs, right? Well today it allowed me to see ONE, but no others. And it wasn't one I wanted to see either. Plus, it wouldn't show the pics on the Bruised and Bloody picspam, (where I got the first one from) except for the last 7. So I have no idea about the ones at the top... but if you wanna see them and tell me about them, here's the link.


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