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Hello again!

Yesterday we cuddled a bit before I drove us to Safeway again for bread and gingerbread cake supplies, and this time got us there using the five minute method. :) We got what we needed and decided to go to Target to look for a Gingerbread kit again, and went to a different Target. This one had it! Yay! We then went to Subway for lunch, and I got us back home, after turning down the wrong street because their neighbourhood is a maze of similiar looking streets.

Once home Sire and I cuddled and played all day. I got spanked by a brush, 2 tawses, Sire's hand, the switch, the cane, and 2 paddles. My bottom was happy. *happy grin*

Then Mr. Wonderful came home and Daddy taught me how to make Broccoli/Cheese Rice, and he made steaks in a dutch oven. I got to use up more of the A1 sauce that Daddy bought for me the first time I ever visited him 2 years ago... that has since moved twice with him and is still good until June 2006. Apparently neither of them like it, but I can't have steak without it. I love my daddy.

We went into the play room and unpacked a huge box. Daddy's got tonnes of playdoh, a little McDonald's playdoh set that I used to have when I was little, and a creepy crawly bug oven maker thingy that I also used to have. We also unpacked a bunch of drawing/office supplies. The smart movers put a box of crayons that didn't have a cover in the huge box on it's side... so we got to dig crayons out of everything and I tried to organize them, but Daddy's now missing about 8 crayons. We played with playdoh as Spike and Dru, which was actually kinda fun, until Dru started trying to eat the playdoh burger she had made... and I had to scare her by taking the little playdoh dentist set, making little playdoh teeth and fashioning 2 into little fangs, then ripping them out of the little plastic guy's head. It scared her enough that she didn't eat the playdoh... but I couldn't help but try to hide my own wince of sympathy for the little guy.

We cleaned up and came out to watch the end of South Park, and then we cuddled for a while before Daddy went to bed, and I stayed up reading until 1am.

Daddy woke me up this morning at about 8, and we posted on the internet then I ate breakfast and took an hour nap. Then I took a shower and Daddy took a bath, and we watched Orpheus from Season 4 of Angel. We then watched Robots while eating lunch, and then spent the last couple hours wrapping presents. We just finished when Daddy got a phone call, and now he's talking on the phone while I type this.

Tonight we're supposidly going to go out for dinner, and then have our own little Christmas, and make the gingerbread house kit. I'm excited! :) I'm schedualled to go home tomorrow and will probably leave for the airport at about noon, so I might not get to post until very late tomorrow night when I get back into Kent. I don' wanna leave. *sniffle pout* But at least I have lots to keep me occupied. I'm planning on going to  [ profile] soulless_lover 's house on the 24th, and then my own family is having Christmas on the 25th, which leaves the 26th for me to pack everything, and the 27th for me to move! Then I have a meeting on the 28th, and hopefully will go to the APL to pick up a kitten right after then. So my schedual is full! Byebye!

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from where I left off:

After dinner we went out to Safeway, taking the 5 second way this time because Mr. Wonderful was driving, and replenished some things, then came back and watched Power Play in preparation for Not Fade Away. We never got to Not Fade Away, but I talked them both through Power Play. It's fun that Mr. Wonderful likes Angel too... though for different reasons... ;)

After that they both went to bed, but since I had taken a nap earlier my inner clock was all messed up. I played Password on for a couple hours, then went to bed and read the book I was given for Christmas. I'm now halfway through Dark Lord: The Rise of Darth Vader because of that sleepless night, and didn't fall asleep until 7am. Daddy woke me up at about 10am. Then he got me awake by forcing me to eat porriage!!

If you've never had McCan's Steel Cut Irish Oatmeal, AVOID AT ALL COSTS. It tastes like cotton gone off and looks like brown barf. Even if your Sire's slightly heartful and allows you to dump 3/4 the bag of brown sugar on it, you can still taste the nastiness. Then your Sire gets upset that you've wasted his porriage, and you get leathered.... but that's beside the point. Porriage=bad.

After the porriage fiasco, we went for a walk around the neighbourhood, which was really very pleasent. We talked for a while and I got an important phone call out of the way. (I'm now approved for my apartment, going to move in on the 27th, and move out in late July.) Then as we were walking back, Sire was eyeing some tree branches, and decided it would be high time to cut a switch... and thankfully he picked the tree that did NOT have little thorns all over the branches. (Bloody Arizona trees, most are really cacti in disguise.) We came back and Sire decided to test his switch... and damn do those little things bleeding HURT!

After my arse was striped and painful, Sire took pity on me and rubbed it for a while, then gave me a bath, and then we cuddled and watched Gosford Park. We had lunch while watching and then decided to try and make deviled eggs. Daddy didn't know that eggs like to crack when dumped cold into boiling water, so I watched him struggle for a bit before telling him that you have to start everything cold and work up to boiling. He grumbled and made merangues out of the cracked eggs while I took over the boiling process. We continued watching Gosford Park while making the deviled eggs and ate them while watching Miller's Crossing. After a bit Mr. Wonderful got back from work, and Daddy made "chicken cassarole" which was actually last night's chicken with last night's mashed potatoes, and noodles all stirred together. It wasn't all that bad really. Then we talked on the internet for a bit, and we made a new community on ezboard for our fictional human family that's going to take place in England in 1928. We're going to have butlers and servants and everything.

We spent a long time doing that because ezboard is slow, and we have protected it so when Daddy got done registering 2 people, he had to apply for membership, which means I have to log in on the admin account and approve them before they are able to post... which means we spent about 2 hours doing 2 people. It was slightly sad. Afterward I realized that it's a brand new community and we're the only ones who know about it so why even bother to protect it until it gets busy? Buttttt oh well.

We cuddled for a bit before Sire decided that my arse needed another switching, and then put me to bed. I fell off to sleep in maybe 3 seconds, and woke up about 10 hours later at 7am! Now I'm sitting here typing and hoping my real mom calls because she left me a voicemail last night that's made me slightly nervous. I've already called her twice but she didn't answer.

Oh, and Sire said yesterday he would modify the porriage recipe, but I'm not eating it either way. He's sleeping on the couch right now so I don't think it's going to get made. That's a plus. :)

Bye til tomorrow!

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So I didn't get a chance to post yesterday night... but oh well.

Most of yesterday was spent sitting around watching Angel and doing nothing. We watched a couple episodes from Season 4, so Sire could watch himself caged up... *grin* and then watched Life of the Party, Destiny, and The Girl in Question. Mr Wondeful was supposed to come home from work at noon, but they needed him longer, so Daddy took a nap and I read. When he finally got home, we went out for supper at a "real" mexican food place called Micha's, and their food tasted just like El Campesino (think I spelled that wrong) which isn't bad, it's really good, but it proves that Ohio does, indeed, have authentic mexican food. So nyah.

We then went to Toys'R'Us and Target, and came home to post on the website, talk with random online people, and then watched the end of Star Wars Episode III until bedtime.

Woke up this morning to Daddy, and then after daddy bathed, we watched a bunch more Angel, Manor House Diaries, then both of us took a nap. We woke up, Daddy made nasty chicken that is probably going to be good now that it doesn't look like dead chicken corpse... and we watched Smile Time and decorated the little christmas tree while it cooked. Now we're about to eat.

So all in all, rather unproductive but fun cuddly days. I'll probably post sometime again tomorrow depending on if we actually do anything or not. ;)

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So technically it's day three at the moment, but I didn't post yesterday cuz we were really busy!

After they got back from the party, which apparently was a bust, Daddy was really upset. It took a bit and some distraction, butafter posting an angry post on this website we both frequent, he calmed down and we got to planning the storyline for a new website we're going to build. I am SO excited about the upcoming website... I havn't roleplayed a storyline game in quite a bit and I've never GMed a game, so I'm really happy. Not gonna post anything about the story and spoil it, but it is really involved, yet still leaves tonnes of room for character driven side-plots and GM driven side-plots. Plus we're going to have a forum that has nothing to do with the storyline, where players can go just to play out random things and get to know their characters better.

After wearing ourselves out talking and planning, we went to bed. We woke up and it was Mr. Wonderful's day off, so Daddy decided that we all should go to the Arizona/Sonora Wildlife Museum. So we drove through Tucson's highways, to a side road that went through Mountains!! (Mountains, Gandalf!) They were beautiful! And then we went down to the valley where the museum was.

It was an outdoor zoo where the landscaping was normal desert lands, except all the plants were labelled like a botanical garden. First we went to the hummingbird area, which is like an "indoor" (netted ceiling with netted walls, and double doors to get inside) aviary. You can walk through the entire area and watch the hummingbirds zip by you or feed or nest or do whatever they want to. It was great fun and really interesting to watch them so close up, and apparently my eyes are better than anyone elses, because I spotted about 5 of the 6 ones we saw! I learned how to describe things well, so that I could verbally lead Daddy's eyes to where the little birdy was sitting in the foliage.

After the hummingbirds, we went to the otter/water animal complex, where they had 1 otter and supposidly a beaver. Well the otter was out and playing and swimming and being VERY cute, and Mr. Wonderful got a good picture of him, but the beaver was nowhere to be found, which was slightly sad. While we were over there we also saw the Coati troop, which had a bunch of them. They're not very cute IMO, but daddy liked them.

Then we went to "Cat Canyon" which is the area where they keep their big cats. The first one we saw was an Ocelot and OMG it was SO CUTE!!!! I wanted to take it home with me it was adorable. All the cats were sleeping, cuz apparently 3pm is nap time for them, but they were adorable anyway. We saw 2 bobcats, a grey fox, and 2 margays that were really hard so find until I spotted them too. ;) We then went through the prairie dog area which also had rattlesnakes behind glass, and then came upon 2 black bears, and 2 mountain lions. I dunno what it is about Lions of any kind, but they always seem so regal. Sire liked them best (of course) and I liked them too, but the Ocelot and the Otter were my favourites. We also saw a white tailed deer and her fawn, who was cute. We got a picture in front of a statue of otters, and then left for food.

After driving through downtown and running 2 red lights by accident, we were getting really hungry and finally went out into the suburbs. Daddysire wanted me to experience what "Real" mexican food was like, but kept turning down every place we passed. (I suggested Taco Bell and got glared at... =) ) Finally we found a place called Zivas, (which Daddysire later said didn't count cuz it was too "fast foody") but I ordered something I didn't like too much, so I didn't eat much. We then went to Barnes and Noble and I picked up a gift for my mom and a pocket Latin/English dictionary cuz the online ones SUCK, and then we went to a comic book store called Heros and Villains. While they did have a large selection of White Wolf books, (Specifically a whole bunch of Requiem books that I'd never seen before, plus a lot of the new Werewolf books) and they also carried a whole bunch of board and card games, (They had 4 versions of Munchkin, and even had a Dork Tower board game!) their comic book/anime selection sucked. They had 2 issues of Angel, none of Buffy, NO Jhonen Vasquez AT ALL, a single collection of Roman Dirge, didn't carry backissues, and didn't have ANY of the 14 current editions of Angel Sanctuary (a manga I read). They only had about 5 random editions of Rurouni Kenshin as well, out of 21. And that was just what I noticed and was looking for. Apparently Mr. Wonderful didn't find anything and was really disappointed. But there's another comic book store somewhere around here, he said, so he wasn't losing hope. =)

Then we got back home and daddy talked to people online while I ate salad, ice cream, and popcorn, and Mr. Wonderful played his new PS2 game. ...I mighta gotten a bit cheeky and Sire didn't like it too much, so I mighta been leathered and caned rather harshly.... but I don't think I need to mention that... Then we finished Manor House, watched 2 Angel episodes while Daddy drew a really good picture, and went to bed.

It's current the morning of the third day and Daddy's drawing while I type this, so I think I'm gonna go over and see what he's drawing. Byebye!

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So, I'm at Daddysire's house at the moment, and am planning on journalling my days. To start, I have to write what happened the day before yesterday.

So, 2 nights ago I watch Buffy until about 6am in preparation for my final final exam. I sleep for 3 hours and go to my exam, and I'm not sure yet, but I'm rather positive I failed it. Oh well.

Anyway, I then pack for 2 hours, say goodbye to my roommates and get my mom to take me to the airport to learn that "That flight was cancelled yesterday... didn't someone call?" Uh no. Thanks for telling me now. So they put me on a flight that was in the middle of being delayed and SHOULD have left 10 minutes before I even got to the airport. Luckily for me, it was delayed a good 2 hours. We left at about 4pm and got in Atlanta at about 6:30pm. My connecting flight wasn't schedualled to leave until 8:20pm, so I messed around in Atlanta for a while. I rented a personal DVD player for the flight and since they didn't have a place in Tuscon, I have it until next thursday. It helped me SO MUCH on the flight... which was ALSO delayed and didn't leave until about 9:30pm... which meant I got into Tuscon at about 11:45pm. Found Daddy and "Mr. Wonderful" (that cracks me up that she calls him that... not because it's not true, but it just sounds like a superhero) and sat in traffic for quite a while before driving through the desert at night to Daddysire's new house!

It's HUGE!!! It's got this huge ass room with a kitchen attached and there's a long hallway from the garage to the back master bedroom that has 3 bedrooms and a bathroom attatched to it. The master bedroom also has it's own master bath, so basically I get my own bathroom as well as my own bedroom. :) Anyway, all we did last night was fall asleep, which was nice.

This morning we woke up and cuddled for a bit then took showers and Sire led me on The Quest to Find Safeway. (a grocery store) I drove since Sire apparently needs a bloody taxi service, and Sire also needs a bloody map because if we had turned RIGHT, the safeway would have been like 5 minutes down the road. But instead, Sire said turning left was a much better option. So I turned left. Then Sire proceeded to make me turn left again onto a dirt road. No cars, no buildings, just lots of bushes and cacti. Oh, and SHITTY road. The nice smooth dirt road turned into shitty rocky insanely bumpy dirt road, and we spent the next 30 minutes driving 3 miles per hour hoping the car wasn't going to fall apart. It was shaking SO BADLY that it was like we were on an old wooden roller coaster. We saw a wild roadrunner (!) and then passed the Tuscon Arizona branch of the Federal Penitentiary System, which was acutally kinda cool, and FINALLY came upon a gas station and an interstate. We stopped at the gas station, learned what we were SUPPOSED to do, and learned how to get back to where we wanted to go. Luckily, it didn't include driving over the Road from Hell again.

So we made it to Safeway, loaded up on healthful crap... errr goodness... and came back. We watched Angel and Manor House until Mr. Wonderful got back from work which was maybe 30 minutes ago. Unfortuantely, Daddy and Mr. Wonderful had to go to a business party for Mr. Wonderful's work, so I'm writing this out on Daddy's computer while they're gone. It's ok though, I'm so happy to be here I'm willing to stay in a strange house all by my lonesome for an hour or two. ;)

Yeah, and Sire's cane still burns like hell, and he's not lost any of his damn expertise with his strap either.... *pout*

*secret grin*


Dec. 13th, 2005 03:58 am
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Yeah. I finished by english paper 2 minutes ago. It is 4 am, I started at 7pm. My ass HURTS!

I'm happy. Though the problem is I'm probably going to fail my History exam since I didn't look over that at all. Oh well. You win some you lose some. I've got a good enough grade in the class so far..... I think.....

Anyway. I thought I'd post my elation at being done with the paper. Now I just have to forget about the Latin exam that I really am going to fail, and think about how much fun it's going ot be visiting Daddysire AFTER my Latin exam. Yayayayayyayayayayayayayayaayyayayayayayayayayyayayayayayayyayayayayayay -big breath-



Am I happy?



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