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Just beat the expansion. I enjoyed it, even with the lack of Alistair. I had a few issues with it, as the fact that I couldn't bond with my allies (even in friendly terms) the same way as the original bothered me, plus as compared with main game, it was easily only 1/5th of the content for costing only $20 less. Also it seemed like most of the battles were stupidly easy this time, as my characters where so overpowered due to the epic levels.

It got to the point were I was one-shotting even-level characters, killed a dragon without having to heal, and was doing 800 damage a hit with an activated skill I had. The only battle that was on par with the difficulty of the previous game was the final one, where I was given special abilities to use. Without using the special abilities, only 2 of my party were knocked out, which was my usual going rate for normal confrontations in Origins.

It may be sad that my favorite parts of the game were the beginning when I got to talk with Alistair again, and the epilogue where it mentioned him and my character together.

I even copied down the bits where it mentioned us so I can refer back to it, because my life is that pathetic. Non-spoilery, don't worry.

"Some claimed she returned to Alistair, her true love, and a life far away from both Ferelden and the royal court. Some say that she served the Grey Wardens elsewhere, Alistair at her side, or that the two of them were seen often at the palace in Denerim. After a number of years, however, neither she nor Alistair were seen again. Perhaps they undertook some mission on behalf of the Grey Wardens, or departed for their own adventrues, or… simply disappeared. Most assume their tale is far from complete…"

Oh, our tale is far from complete. Especially the tales of him smacking my tail... Err, TMI, sorry.

But yeah, my gripes are slightly petty, as I did really enjoy a "Further Adventures Of" thing. I could easily play in their world with my character the same way I played WoW, as I do like it that much. I want to explore Orlais and other places, go across the ocean, meet with Grey Wardens from other lands, and help Alistair make decisions in Court (and bed).

I really wish there was more, and the expansion only came out 5 days ago. Sigh.

In other news, I renewed my paid account finally, and redid a bunch of icons. I'm pleased with my new ones, as they make me happy.

Dragon Age

Mar. 18th, 2010 08:46 pm
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I'm obsessed. I know.

I finished Origins on Tuesday after a good 2 day marathon of playing, just in time for the expansion, Awakening, to come out. I promptly bought it and started playing it last night.

Dragon Age Nerdgasm, Plot-Spoiler Free )

In other news my Mother came through her surgery well, though she really can't walk. She's getting around the house in an old wheelchair and hopping on one foot with a walker, and I've found that taking care of her is not so bad.

It's taking care of her damn dog that needs to go out every 15 minutes that's fucking annoying. But I'm just glad she's doing well. To bounce back from surgery like she is at her age is a good thing.
Therefore, my apologies for falling off radars throughout LJ and facebook. I'm seriously addicted to this game.

Alistair and I have been working out well for some time now. I really enjoy his character so much and it's intoxicating to hear his voice. I literally right click on him just to hear him call me "my dear"... and it so far has not failed to provoke a "Yeee!" from me.

That said, I was in the process of trying to figure out if he had a surname when I stumbled upon a little bit of info that has DESTROYED me.

I did his personal quest a LONG time ago. Like... 2 RL days worth of playing ago. (Not to mention my nasty habit of saving over old saves.) As I'm reading the info about him, I learn that the only way for me to continue the relationship when (if) he becomes king is for him to have had a certain ending to his personal quest, making him "hardened". I did not choose this ending, which kills me, because my friend hinted that you REALLY want him to become king.

But now, if he becomes king, I will loose him and it's making me actually depressed and angry that I have blown my chance to stay with him.

My options are: restart from the one save I have... that will cause me to have to re-do 2 days worth of adventuring OR make Alistair not king.

Anyone play this game that can tell me (as non-spoilery as possible) if it makes a huge difference for Alistair to become king or not?

...I've never been this involved with pixels before.


Jan. 6th, 2006 03:21 am
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Ok, so my kittens are adorable and they're starting to like me more! Yay!

I almost missed my first rent payment date... and definitely missed my tuition payment date. Yay!

I've got insomnia. Yay!

I can't moderate my eating habits! Yay!

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I'm also planning out 2 vids, one being a messed up Bangel (Anuffy? Bufangel? Angeffy?) and the other being a Spangel. I have clips in mind and know what I'm planning on doing... but there's the whole actually getting the clips and learning how to put it together and time it to music bits that I havn't learned yet. Oh well. Everything starts with a concept, right?

Speaking of which, I think I'll do some new year resolutions, even though I don't really believe in them. They're in no order.

1) Learn to manip/vid

2) Post on LJ more often than once a month or every few weeks

3) Maintain friendships with LJ friends, as well as Psi brothers, RL brother, mother, and gamer friends

4) Get my Little through the Psi process.

5) Take care of my kittens

6) Take care of myself.

7) Stay in my apartment

8) Get/Keep a job

9) not get behind in Latin

10) Not drop a class

That's all for now. Until next time... adios.


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