May. 4th, 2011 12:06 am
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So I could go into all my fears and stressors about life and the future and my fucking ex-landlady who stole $650 from me and I have little hope of getting back anymore, but instead I'm going to go the other way and try to be happy and nerd-gasm for a little bit.

First off, I miss you people. I miss LJ and I miss writing and roleplaying and I miss the internet. The reason I'm not on AIM or the roleplaying websites I used to frequent anymore is because I've moved into a house with a ton of roommates who I like and enjoy spending time with. The thought of secluding myself in my bedroom and sitting at the computer is really unappealing to me, yet I miss talking with people and mostly: roleplaying. I'm going through a lull right now in my gaming where I don't have enough money to afford to keep up with my computer/console games, my internet connection is not good enough to play WoW, and my roommates and other friends, while fun and engaging, are not gamers. Therefore I'm stuck doing what everyone else wants to do and not enough of what I do, though I feel drawn to spent time with them.

So, just know that I am thinking about you, friends, and perhaps someday I will make it online to spend some time with you.

Doctor Who continues to wow me with its awesomeness. The first two episodes of Season 6 blew me away and I'm so excited to watch a whole season in real-time with everyone else. I won't go into theories I have, mostly because I'm so amazed by Moffat that I can't even begin to form any credible theory, but it's definitely taking me for a wild ride. I'm surprised to find that I still miss David Tennant, though. It took me an entire season to warm to him after Eccleston, but once I got on his train, I was on it. I definitely am on Matt Smith's train, and I do enjoy him thoroughly, but I keep watching the show with a little bit of *wibble* for the past. It might be because Moffat took the show in such a different direction that it almost doesn't feel like it's the same show.

Not that I'm complaining! I feel like Doctor Who has been elevated into whole new levels of concept and (like I said earlier) it blows me out of the water. I'm absolutely enjoying myself.

Maybe it's the suit. I think I miss the suit most. And the coat.

I am also gearing up for Torchwood. I'm SO EXCITED for new Torchwood, and not only because the current status quo in the fandom seriously needs to be shaken up. I swear, I've almost given up reading new Janto fics because they're ALL the same. The only ones I even bother to click on are by certain authors and it's gotten to the point where I can identify the Character!Hate authors by name so I can avoid them like the plague. Unfortunately they seem to be the most prolific as of late, which I really don't understand. Just how many ways are there to write the same story about how much you love so and so while simultaneously bashing another character?

In other news, I'm kinda excited for this summer's movies as well... I'm pretty meh about Thor, honestly, but Fast Five looks awesome! (The Rock and Vin Diesel in the same movie?!?!? Hellz yes!) I am currently working with a guy who was a swordfighter in the new Pirates movie, which I'm excited to see, and then I can finally watch Harry Potter 7: Part 1 in preparation for part 2!! Last year, I refused to see it and repeat the mistake I made with Pirates 2 and 3. That year in-between was dumb.

Yeah, lots of fandom fun to look forward to. :)

Right now, other than Doctor Who, I'm still riding my Dragon Age II train, though I have no one to share that with. But I've kinda sorta fallen in love with my own character, which I've never done before... but I'm really enjoying it. I think it's because I can't custom tailor what he's going to say... I click the type of answer then he says the specific words, so there's a level of disassociation involved. Plus, this is my second time through and I've already played the "Me" character. He was supposed to be my "opposite" so I can learn what happens when I make the other choices, but he's really grown on me and now I'm only doing certain things differently. I'll do the bastard character next. (Last time I did that, I ended up killing most of the surface world. It was actually really fun to do everything "wrong".)

Well that's enough of a wall of dialogue from me. Have a good evening, if there's anyone even reading this anymore. Lol
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IRON MAN 2!!!!!!!!!!

I liked it.

Herein lies the post midnight showing spoiler filled first thoughts. 'Review' might be a little too much for 3AM )

Yeah I really loved this movie. I can't wait for The Avengers, as well as Iron Man 3. Oh why do they have to be so far into the future?

Also, the Twilight Preview got a COMPLETE AUDIENCE BOO as well as tons of "Sparkle" heckling and one "WHERE'S BUFFY?!" I'm so proud to know that I am not alone in my distaste.
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Watched Gothika and Zodiac today.

Gothika was TERRIBAD, mostly because I severely dislike Halle Berry on many levels, plus it was slightly predictable on top of two major major problems I had with the writing. First: As a firm believer in logic, the tagline "Logic is overrated" really bothers me, even in a supernatural oriented movie. Second: She basically states the textbook definition of Bieber (et. al.)'s psychological theory from the 1960s as the profile of the killer. (Domineering Mother, Absent Father, Self Loathing, Arrested Development) This theory was not only used to predict serial killers, but also to predict the likely-hood of growing up to be gay. It is outdated and the killer basically says "Yep, that sounds like me!" without expanding on a real background. Poor writing in action. I did like Robert's character, specifically how he played it and the fact that it was a character that seemed to NOT have drugs/addiction as part of his character background (then again, there wasn't much character background to be said about any of the characters in this movie), but that was about it.

Zodiac, on the other hand, was much more entertaining, though it slightly ruined it for me that (SPOILER!! ZOMG!!) Spoiler under cut ). I sure know how to pick the ones I watch in the order I watch them... /facepalm

The story really grabbed me and was not nearly as laid-out as Gothika was. I had my suspicions about the killer, of course, but it took until the end for me to really nod my head with conviction. (Of course, technically it's still a "mystery" case.) I have not read the book it's based on yet, but I'm more inclined to now. The only real problem I had with Zodiac was the lack of RDJ... he was amazing when he was in it, but silly Jake Gyllenhaal had to be the leading man. And Mark Ruffalo really surprised me. I'd never seen him in anything before (except Where the Wild Things Are, which I learned about from imdb) but I really enjoyed him.

In other news I got the job in Cleveland. It's a part time internship running from Feb 22-March 27 and I'm only working 2.5 days a week, but it's paid experience so I'm happy. Now I just have to work on getting my TD from California to hire me again for the summer and I'll be golden until September.
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Saw Sherlock Holmes today. I was pleasantly surprised. Minor Spoilers under the cut )

Not spoilers but long diatribe on Holmes/Watson )

Basically, Robert Downey Jr. has officially won me over. He is nothing but Hot Sex as Tony Stark in Iron Man, and amazingly schmoozy sex as Holmes. Not to mention the way he kept slapping people during fights and whipping his crop and thin cane around...

I need Holmes/Watson slash ASAP and plenty of pretty RDJr icons.

In a similiar manner, there was a preview for Iron Man 2 before Sherlock Holmes and I'm so excited. Though I'd not heard of the villain before (Whiplash or something like that?) Tony Stark is so fucking sexy it kills me. Too bad he's such an asshole prior to and during the Civil War... (Boo pro-registration!) I can't wait for the movie though.

Moving tomorrow at noon. Goodbye amazingly awesome cheap apartment that never gets colder than 65 degress without using the heat even when it's 15 degrees outside. I shall miss you terribly. You got me through the toughest years of my college career and kept me from going insane. Even with the crazy Chinese neighbors who burn their dinner and set the fire detector off everyday at 5:30pm, I don't think I have as fond memories of any other apartment in Kent. <3


Jan. 18th, 2006 02:06 am
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Random update on life:

Last Saturday I got in my car, drove to [livejournal.com profile] soulless_lover 's workplace, picked her up, and then we left on a 3 hour roadtrip to the middle of PA. We got to [livejournal.com profile] pet_23 's beautiful new house at about 2am, and visited for a while before I fell asleep at about 5am. Then, after a morning full of two sweet little boys watching me play my game-boy and asking me all sorts of questions... ("Is that a tree?" "Is that the bad guy?" "Are you gonna win?" "What are you doing now?" "What's that little thing?" "Why can't I hear the sound?" "Are you going to turn the sound on?") ...I managed to escape into the privacy of a room with two vampires, and was greeted with smiles. After observing and having a great time watching, we finally left and I got to know them both alot better on the drive back. We then went to see Brokeback Mountain together and OMG... SADNESS! Good movie, SAD SAD SAD for about 3/4 of it tho. (The sex scene was fucking HOT too... except for the urge to destroy the DAMNED PRETEENS sitting in front of us giggling the whole time.)

More indepth description/spoilers later cuz I'm tired.

I can't remember if I mentioned how I've come up with an idea for a fanfic or not... but I have... and unfortunately it's looking like it will only work as an Angel/OC fic... because Spike really wouldn't fit the part without losing all that is Spike... and it has to take place in Season 2 of Buffy. It's going to be an AU tho... (what fics arn't these days? ;) ) And if I ever get time between work and band, I might actually get to start writing it.

Speaking of... I love my work. I'm working at a bookstore barely off-campus and I love it so hard. I'm good at it, and I enjoy looking up the books and getting them for people. Maybe I will apply at the library after all.

Oh and school.... ugh. I skipped my first class and decided to drop it... but I'm still unsure. Lots of reasons... too tired to get into it.

Also too tired to talk about frat stuff.

Oh well. That's life.



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