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So, I'm at Daddysire's house at the moment, and am planning on journalling my days. To start, I have to write what happened the day before yesterday.

So, 2 nights ago I watch Buffy until about 6am in preparation for my final final exam. I sleep for 3 hours and go to my exam, and I'm not sure yet, but I'm rather positive I failed it. Oh well.

Anyway, I then pack for 2 hours, say goodbye to my roommates and get my mom to take me to the airport to learn that "That flight was cancelled yesterday... didn't someone call?" Uh no. Thanks for telling me now. So they put me on a flight that was in the middle of being delayed and SHOULD have left 10 minutes before I even got to the airport. Luckily for me, it was delayed a good 2 hours. We left at about 4pm and got in Atlanta at about 6:30pm. My connecting flight wasn't schedualled to leave until 8:20pm, so I messed around in Atlanta for a while. I rented a personal DVD player for the flight and since they didn't have a place in Tuscon, I have it until next thursday. It helped me SO MUCH on the flight... which was ALSO delayed and didn't leave until about 9:30pm... which meant I got into Tuscon at about 11:45pm. Found Daddy and "Mr. Wonderful" (that cracks me up that she calls him that... not because it's not true, but it just sounds like a superhero) and sat in traffic for quite a while before driving through the desert at night to Daddysire's new house!

It's HUGE!!! It's got this huge ass room with a kitchen attached and there's a long hallway from the garage to the back master bedroom that has 3 bedrooms and a bathroom attatched to it. The master bedroom also has it's own master bath, so basically I get my own bathroom as well as my own bedroom. :) Anyway, all we did last night was fall asleep, which was nice.

This morning we woke up and cuddled for a bit then took showers and Sire led me on The Quest to Find Safeway. (a grocery store) I drove since Sire apparently needs a bloody taxi service, and Sire also needs a bloody map because if we had turned RIGHT, the safeway would have been like 5 minutes down the road. But instead, Sire said turning left was a much better option. So I turned left. Then Sire proceeded to make me turn left again onto a dirt road. No cars, no buildings, just lots of bushes and cacti. Oh, and SHITTY road. The nice smooth dirt road turned into shitty rocky insanely bumpy dirt road, and we spent the next 30 minutes driving 3 miles per hour hoping the car wasn't going to fall apart. It was shaking SO BADLY that it was like we were on an old wooden roller coaster. We saw a wild roadrunner (!) and then passed the Tuscon Arizona branch of the Federal Penitentiary System, which was acutally kinda cool, and FINALLY came upon a gas station and an interstate. We stopped at the gas station, learned what we were SUPPOSED to do, and learned how to get back to where we wanted to go. Luckily, it didn't include driving over the Road from Hell again.

So we made it to Safeway, loaded up on healthful crap... errr goodness... and came back. We watched Angel and Manor House until Mr. Wonderful got back from work which was maybe 30 minutes ago. Unfortuantely, Daddy and Mr. Wonderful had to go to a business party for Mr. Wonderful's work, so I'm writing this out on Daddy's computer while they're gone. It's ok though, I'm so happy to be here I'm willing to stay in a strange house all by my lonesome for an hour or two. ;)

Yeah, and Sire's cane still burns like hell, and he's not lost any of his damn expertise with his strap either.... *pout*

*secret grin*

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So I hated how plain my journal looked and bought a paid account. Yay for me.

I made my banner. It's very simple. Yay for me.

I'm speaking simple too.

I'm supposed to be sleeping.

[ profile] pet_23 made the layout of my journal possible because I was a bumbling idiot. Again, majour props to her.

Uhm. almost 1 week of school left. Yay for that.

1 week of school means 1 week to write 2 papers. Boo for that.

1 week of school means 2 weeks until I visit daddysire!!! YAY for THAT!!!

I found a couple silver hairbrushes on ebay... and one is PERFECT in all manners because it's from the 1850s and looks perfect and everything... but the seller wants fricking CASH for it AND he lives in England. So I'm bummed about that.

Problem... posting in journal leaves a timestamp...

I'm supposed to be sleeping.

Daddysire's orders.



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