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I've "finished" my job in Cleveland as of last Thursday and was slightly sad to not be going back. I really enjoyed the work and the environment they've got going for them, plus the thought of spending another month in the purgatory of unemployment is not looking as good as I used to think. On the plus side, I was "re-hired" to work Load-In for the two sets I just finished helping build, which means I'm actually still working with the same guys for (probably) the next couple days. I depends how quickly we get things done.

I also let the Production Manager know that I am going to be doing NOTHING during the month of April, so if he has need of an intern, or anything else really, I'd love to continue working with them. He said he'd think about it, but in a really cool manner. The guy is super approachable and looks you right in the eye, as if he's hanging on your every word and everything you tell him is of the utmost importance. This whole company is just great.

In other news, I got a New Review on one of my old LOTR spanking stories I still have archived at and it made me laugh.

"I believe that sometimes a spanking is necessary when disciplining a child,
but without over doing it and one whipping is enough. Two is too much and the
child shouldn't be spanked by people other than their parents."

Yep, that's the whole review. Thank you mystery person, I'm sure your opinion of spanking is of the utmost importance to me and my life. While we're at it, how did you like my story? Was the action written well? Do you think my characterizations of the canon characters was on or off? Did you think my descriptions were adequate? Did you spot an error that needs fixed? Oh, I guess you just wanted to latch onto a singular facet of the story that has little to do with the actual plot. Well, more power to you, I suppose. At least you have a firm idea about your beliefs.
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Just beat the expansion. I enjoyed it, even with the lack of Alistair. I had a few issues with it, as the fact that I couldn't bond with my allies (even in friendly terms) the same way as the original bothered me, plus as compared with main game, it was easily only 1/5th of the content for costing only $20 less. Also it seemed like most of the battles were stupidly easy this time, as my characters where so overpowered due to the epic levels.

It got to the point were I was one-shotting even-level characters, killed a dragon without having to heal, and was doing 800 damage a hit with an activated skill I had. The only battle that was on par with the difficulty of the previous game was the final one, where I was given special abilities to use. Without using the special abilities, only 2 of my party were knocked out, which was my usual going rate for normal confrontations in Origins.

It may be sad that my favorite parts of the game were the beginning when I got to talk with Alistair again, and the epilogue where it mentioned him and my character together.

I even copied down the bits where it mentioned us so I can refer back to it, because my life is that pathetic. Non-spoilery, don't worry.

"Some claimed she returned to Alistair, her true love, and a life far away from both Ferelden and the royal court. Some say that she served the Grey Wardens elsewhere, Alistair at her side, or that the two of them were seen often at the palace in Denerim. After a number of years, however, neither she nor Alistair were seen again. Perhaps they undertook some mission on behalf of the Grey Wardens, or departed for their own adventrues, or… simply disappeared. Most assume their tale is far from complete…"

Oh, our tale is far from complete. Especially the tales of him smacking my tail... Err, TMI, sorry.

But yeah, my gripes are slightly petty, as I did really enjoy a "Further Adventures Of" thing. I could easily play in their world with my character the same way I played WoW, as I do like it that much. I want to explore Orlais and other places, go across the ocean, meet with Grey Wardens from other lands, and help Alistair make decisions in Court (and bed).

I really wish there was more, and the expansion only came out 5 days ago. Sigh.

In other news, I renewed my paid account finally, and redid a bunch of icons. I'm pleased with my new ones, as they make me happy.
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This is literally amazing. If I could figure out how to embed the video, I would, but until then, have a link, since I'm almost on my way out the door.

Link to video here

Dragon Age

Mar. 18th, 2010 08:46 pm
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I'm obsessed. I know.

I finished Origins on Tuesday after a good 2 day marathon of playing, just in time for the expansion, Awakening, to come out. I promptly bought it and started playing it last night.

Dragon Age Nerdgasm, Plot-Spoiler Free )

In other news my Mother came through her surgery well, though she really can't walk. She's getting around the house in an old wheelchair and hopping on one foot with a walker, and I've found that taking care of her is not so bad.

It's taking care of her damn dog that needs to go out every 15 minutes that's fucking annoying. But I'm just glad she's doing well. To bounce back from surgery like she is at her age is a good thing.
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After work today, I met up with my mom at her library during her final 15 minutes before we went to eat together. While I was there, they had Crobots: 20 Amigurumi Robots to Make on display, which made me immediately go "MOMMY MAKE ME ONE". (My mom is the only person I know who crochets instead of knits.)

She's supposed to make me the:
ZOMG Images! )

Image Heavy Meme featuring RDJ )


Feb. 13th, 2010 03:42 am
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Started roleplaying as Perry Van Shrike on Facebook yesterday and continued today... I'm enjoying it immensely but the whole idea of roleplaying over Facebook just feels so wrong to me. I think it's because I'm one of the original facebook users who joined while it was a small website intended only for college students, so I feel like I'm lying or it's forbidden or something. But I'm having so much fun... it's really an odd feeling.

The opening Olympics were freakin' awesome, despite the poor guy from Georgia (the country) being killed this morning. I had to laugh at the technical difficulties, mostly because Gretsky looked PISSED. As a theatre major, if there's one thing I learned quickly, it was to roll with it when things don't work right.

The projections though, were just spectacular. Especially the whales. Fuck James Cameron, the Olympics deserve the Oscar. And I loved the tap dancing punk lumberjacks, or Lumberpunks as my friends and I decided they should be named. The poetry slam guy was interesting, mostly because the girlfriend of one of my friends (who is a MAJOR poetry slammer) fucking knew him personally. They attended a slam together in Ottawa, Canada a number of years ago and her story is that he broke the vent in her car. Still, it was kinda cool for them to include a poetry slam in the opening ceremonies of the fucking Olympics.

Also cool was seeing a Canada commercial in the same vein as the California commercials we get all the time- and ESPECIALLY BECAUSE FUCKING RYAN REYNOLDS WAS IN IT. I am really excited for the next 16 days of seeing Ryan's sexy ass during commercial breaks. Then after the ceremonies, Blade: Trinity was on TNT, so we watched that too. I feel satisfied with the amount of Ryan I have had in my life today.

I apologize for my prolific use of the F-Bomb, but after playing Perry, as well as watching Blade: Trinity, it's kinda in there right now.

Also, there's this, via [ profile] killerweasel

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For those who have not been/seen: is supposedly the website of Tony Stark's company. Right now they only have a front page and an "application" for employment, but both are fun to read. If you fill out the application it puts you on a mailing list for updates.

My only problem with the front page picture is the way his name is signed. I don't take Tony to be one of those people (like my mother) to legibly write out every letter of his name. It looks like someone was trying very hard to sign Tony Stark and that bothers me, the same way that the small writing in the corner doesn't look like handwriting I would attribute to a man who has taken umpteen drafting classes. (Whether computer based or not, you always start with hand-drafting where they teach you your alphabet for weeks.) The big all-caps letters are perfect! The rest of it is semi-disappointing. The tone, however, is perfect and does give me great pleasure and no difficulties to believe that Tony would write a message on a napkin and force Pepper to post it as-is. <3 Tony Stark.

Is it May yet?
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Saw Sherlock Holmes again today and enjoyed it again. Though I was slightly bored during parts because RDJ and JL weren't onscreen and I knew what was going to happen. I did catch a few more things that I hadn't before, which was nice.

I'm 100% moved in now with everything put away, which is exciting. Now I just have to worry about jobs. Baltimore is coming up quickly and I'm excited but slightly worried at the same time- I've never slept in a hotel completely by myself before and I don't have my knife anymore. I'm debating taking along one of my daggers just in case, but honestly? I don't know if I could really bring myself to stab someone even if they're trying to do me harm. Perhaps I should invest in pepper spray and call it a day.

And spoiler alert for Iron Man 2 Trailer: )

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So I just visited the Ten Inch Hero website here and noticed they've redone it since I was last there. To be specific, they've put up a story page. And it looks like our boy is one of the 4 main characters. This is what is says for him...

semi-spoiler behind cut )

I can't tell you how excited I am for this movie. I was sad, however, that the "Game" didn't work... but maybe it's because I'm using a school computer at the moment and they've blocked it.

But yeah. Yay for Jensen doing a movie. It's Jared's turn now.
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I would just like to take this moment to say that after looking at pictures of Christian Kane that I had 1) already seen and saved and 2) are pretty old, I now want to fuck him again. Is that sad?

And I can't stop listening to him.

That and the RENT soundtrack. But the strange thing is... with the RENT soundtrack I keep imagining Jensen singing for Mark. I mean... I picture him. In the stripey sweater and the scarf and the camera. And it makes me want to fuck him even more.

By my declaration: Jensen needs to do a musical.

Oh and Alumni Band is tomorrow... and it's like 30 degrees outside. Oh well. It'll be fun. Hopefully we'll win. I spent 12 hours getting ready 45 flip folders for them today, but I managed to get it done. I love not having work. But I wish I got paid more than $150 for being band librarian cuz I seriously put more work into it than I did my ex-job.

Oh and February 23-25 2007 will mostly likely be the date of the Sam (Pet) and Dean (me) Roadtrip from Clearfield to Chicago. With a hopeful detour to Michigan to pick up [ profile] killerweasel to go and see Christian and Jared at a horror!con. Not that I like horror, but I like cons... and I want to touch CK and JP like my life depends on it. Now if only they would talk Jensen into going.... my life would be complete.
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So I forgot 1 on my list-o-kink. 

34. Blood. (Not gushing, not bruising, just... lines of blood.

possible SPOILER/SADNESS WARNING... 2 pics behind cut are from Devil's Trap (aka the SPN finale).

Mmmmm bloody!Dean. I want s'more of that, baby.

PS- Mouse-over to see where the pics came from, because I didn't make or cap any of them. Thanks to those I swiped them from.

Oh, and in other news, my new computer hasn't come yet, and my old one is being weird... a while ago it stopped showing the animation on .gifs, right? Well today it allowed me to see ONE, but no others. And it wasn't one I wanted to see either. Plus, it wouldn't show the pics on the Bruised and Bloody picspam, (where I got the first one from) except for the last 7. So I have no idea about the ones at the top... but if you wanna see them and tell me about them, here's the link.


May. 17th, 2006 12:37 am
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So I'm totally random tonight. After staring at what must be one of Jensen's senior pictures, not mine

I realized how crazy Texans are. I mean, this kid is wearing a sweatshirt with the name of his state on it and his state flag on his head, and he's smiling and obviously so proud, because he got it for a senior picture pose. (Or so I'm guessing, but the pose is so Senior picture cliched it's gotta be.) Now, I know damn well that if anyone in Ohio decided the wear a sweatshirt that said "Ohio" on it and somehow tied the state pennent to their head they'd be TOTALLY laughed at... and most likely weren't really from Ohio anyway because everyone in this state hates it and wants to leave.

Now my question is why are Texans so gung-ho about their state, when the only other people I've talked to who like theirs are people from Pittsburg (and only when talking to someone from Ohio). (Mostly because of the Steeler's/Pitt vs. Brown's/OSU thing.) 

I mean, honestly. Do Texans teach state pride in elementary school or something? Cuz Ohio really really doesn't. 

Oh well. So that was my first random thought of the night. Second was the fact that over the past few nights I've been reading tons of fanfic and writing down on a regular sized post-it note all of my kinks. The post it note is full and I count... 33... and sadly all of them were thought with Supernatural in mind, meaning that I've read fics or seen pictures containing at least one of each... though I've done the same with Buffy previously.

33 kinks )

I just thought I'd share that which is probably more TMI that anyone needed to know about me... but I'm horny and can't help but share my kinkiness with the world. Woo.


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