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IRON MAN 2!!!!!!!!!!

I liked it.

Herein lies the post midnight showing spoiler filled first thoughts. 'Review' might be a little too much for 3AM )

Yeah I really loved this movie. I can't wait for The Avengers, as well as Iron Man 3. Oh why do they have to be so far into the future?

Also, the Twilight Preview got a COMPLETE AUDIENCE BOO as well as tons of "Sparkle" heckling and one "WHERE'S BUFFY?!" I'm so proud to know that I am not alone in my distaste.


Mar. 8th, 2010 01:56 am
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Watched the Oscars with my friends. Was so incredibly happy with the results. Everyone who deserved to win, did, IMO. Some of the races I didn't care about, like Best Actor, and others I did, like Best Actress. I'm happy to see a woman winning Best Director and even though I love the Sherlock Holmes soundtrack, Up's really was fantastic. I was glad that Avatar only won what it deserved to win, namely: technical merits. I was glad Up won as much as it did.

I need to see: The Hurt Locker, The Secret of Kells, A Serious Man, Crazy Heart, and The Last Station, all of which I was previously unaware of, plus Nine, Inglorius Bastards and The Blind Side, which I was aware of. All of them looked interesting.

Robert's presentation was the funniest, even with Ben Stiller being a Na'avi (sp?) and the Foreign Film winner had the funniest part in his speech. Something to the effect of "I'm glad the Academy didn't consider Na'avi to be a foreign language." I liked Elizabeth Bank's dress the best, and Rachel McAdams was STUNNING. (I feel bad that I didn't like Susan Downey's dress, but her make-up was beautiful as always.)

Then there was Jimmy Kimmel.

At first I was slightly bummed that RDJ was not a part of the Handsome Club, but during the spiel, I was pleased with how he addressed it. I pretty much enjoyed the hell out of his entire spot, but...



Slight nit-picks: Justin Hammer not being British, Don Cheadle, The Predicted but Now Realized Demise of Tony/Pepper.

HUMONGOUS SQUEES: TONNEEEYYY. "I want one." "No." IRON MAN AND WARMACHINE VERSUS A CIRCLE OF GUYS. Fucking Samuel L. Jackson. "Agreed." Tony SHOWING HER HOW TO USE HIS REPULSER. (I see baaaaaad things coming from that) and, of course, SUITCASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Is it May 7 yet?
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After work today, I met up with my mom at her library during her final 15 minutes before we went to eat together. While I was there, they had Crobots: 20 Amigurumi Robots to Make on display, which made me immediately go "MOMMY MAKE ME ONE". (My mom is the only person I know who crochets instead of knits.)

She's supposed to make me the:
ZOMG Images! )

Image Heavy Meme featuring RDJ )
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For those who have not been/seen: is supposedly the website of Tony Stark's company. Right now they only have a front page and an "application" for employment, but both are fun to read. If you fill out the application it puts you on a mailing list for updates.

My only problem with the front page picture is the way his name is signed. I don't take Tony to be one of those people (like my mother) to legibly write out every letter of his name. It looks like someone was trying very hard to sign Tony Stark and that bothers me, the same way that the small writing in the corner doesn't look like handwriting I would attribute to a man who has taken umpteen drafting classes. (Whether computer based or not, you always start with hand-drafting where they teach you your alphabet for weeks.) The big all-caps letters are perfect! The rest of it is semi-disappointing. The tone, however, is perfect and does give me great pleasure and no difficulties to believe that Tony would write a message on a napkin and force Pepper to post it as-is. <3 Tony Stark.

Is it May yet?

Fic timez

Jan. 30th, 2010 06:18 am
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Written for [ profile] hrpf_kinky

Title: Barbeque
Fandom/Characters: Sherlock Holmes RPF - Indio Falconer Downey, Jude Law, with appearances by Robert Downey Jr.
Rating: PG
Warnings: Fluff, Underage drinking O NOES!!!
Prompt: Indio has a crush on Jude (because who doesn't?!)
(I would warn for lolita-ness were there any, don't get scared.)

Fluff )
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So after being incredibly hungover yesterday and doing absolutely nothing, I woke up a ton better today and checked my flist. I was assulted with a wave of "why the hell was I so pissy yesterday when RDJ is amazing and sexy and I missed seeing him."

In honor of my reconnection with the man I'm utterly and completely obsessed by, I'm posting a picspam of my favorite pictures of him, which I saved to my computer.

(Some of these may or may not have been previously posted by me in the Sherlock Holmes Week: Day 1- RDJ post, but I also added a bunch to this post.)

RDJ in all his glory. Some are large, be warned. )

I am utterly utterly obsessed.
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I love them so much. It almost depresses me to think that I'll probably never find a relationship that makes me as happy as they are together.

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Watched Kiss Kiss Bang Bang again last night and fell in love with not only RDJ more, but the movie itself more. It's so incredibly well done. The format of it is so different from most movies that it was a like a breath of fresh air yesterday, as I watched 4 movies in a row with my friends. (Public Enemies which was meh, Iron Man which I enjoy everytime but mostly for RDJ and not for much story/script, KKBB, then The Surrogates which was a wonderful idea that was poorly poorly executed.) KKBB definitely was the one that everyone enjoyed most and they all agreed that it was the best one of the evening. That made me feel good, as it was only my insistence that made them watch it.

Further, in [ profile] robertdowney_jr posted by [ profile] missanemone was RDJ starring in an Elton John music video. I am a fan of Elton and his music anyway, so this was like two of my worlds colliding. It's from 2001 and the whole piece, music, lyrics, and acting, just make me feel so bittersweet. (Plus the costuming not only makes him incredibly sexy, but the T-shirt adds to the vulnerability of the character in this giant open space so well.) I loved every aspect of it so much that I'm reposting it.

Rankin: Why did you want Robert Downey Jr. for the "I Want Love" video?
John: I wanted to do a video that was mature. And [director] Sam Taylor-Wood said, "I've got an idea of just doing it very simply, one person, not you, lip-syncing to the song. An actor, maybe." I came up with the idea of Robert. I thought, "God, the lyrics are very close to home. I wonder if he'll do it?" He was very interested. It all came together in five or six days. We sent him the album, and he said, "Yes." I'm thrilled with it. I don't necessarily think an artist has to be in a video. On the other singles that we do videos for, I'm going to ask people that don't normally make videos to interpret the songs, whether they use me or not. This one worked perfect, because I was able to stay in France on holiday while Robert was doing it. I love the fact that it is a one-shot video. He did 16 takes. They used the very last take because he was completely relaxed by then. ... It's so pertinent to what he's going through, and the way he underplays it is fantastic.

Finally, in other news, Neil Patrick Harris was voted Gay Man of the Decade by fans at If you haven't heard of the battle, you clearly haven't been Twitter!stalking celebrities like I have. This thing went huge through twitter and I think it was fantastic. Only Kevin Smith brought the camaraderie down to the point of being negative, and NPH handled that so graciously that it made me love him as a person more. (And start to think of Kevin Smith as more of an asshat) But really, go to the link and read the site. It's crazy the power of twitter.

And sorry for not cutting, but all these things are important to me to spread to you. So lookit them!


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