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See: Subject. Instead of sleeping, I decided to update my "Characters I've Played" Document and included dates! Clearly I'm jonesing for some roleplay action and am homesick at the same time.

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Feb. 9th, 2010 08:00 am
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God dammit.

So I've been happily enjoying my Original Character ( [ profile] ainsleytravels ) I created to roleplay with occasionally, created this whole timeline and backstory for him, and now I learn that there already exists an actual Marvel Villain who's pretty much exactly the person I set my OC up to be the son of.

I guess I should take pride in my ability to think like a Marvel writer?

(...or be ashamed in my researching abilities.)

The question is: do I continue with the version of the character I created, feeling like a dumbass for thinking I'm Oh So Clever in my "Original Concept", or do I research this real character and adjust the line of my OC to fit in with the canon char?

The character that pretty much represents Drake's father is Justin Hammer. They're even from the same place I chose for Drake in England, so if I'm really trying to stay canon (which I'm technically not) there would be no way the two would exist without noticing each other.

The other thing I could do (since Drake is going to be a time/universe traveller a la Cable and Deadpool) is say that Drake lives in an Alternate Marvel Universe and just happily leave Justin Hammer out of it. Then, I could do some more character development in the future if Drake comes back "home" to the Hammer estate instead of his father's. Hmm.
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Hurrah. I'm in a good mood. After a horrible joint meeting (bitch must die) and a pretty good active meeting, a bunch of us walked across campus to a car, then drvoe to the stadium and trespassed on the 50 yard line at about midnight. Then we discovered the new walking bridge over Rt. 261 and stargazed for a while, then walked back to the summit east parking lot and talked until 1:30am. Made me really happy cuz it was fun. The only downside was that I lost my house and mailbox key sometime during the fun.... so now I have to search for them when it's light outside. 

In other news, after a shitty spring break full of angst, stuff is better now... and I can't remember if I said anything about it in my last post, but it's worked out for the most part. Still recovering slightly, but feelin good for the most part.

I've fallen head over heels into any pairing involving Lindsey/Christian Kane after realizing how in love with him I really was. God I love that man. I spent all last night digging up old and new fics and RPS involving him and am planning on doing more tonight.

I also realized how much I miss RPing... especially slash rping, so I'm applying for a new RP and learned that the old Hogwarts one I did during highschool is still running, so I was considering applying back there again. I have lots of time on my hands and really really miss forum based RPs. Plus the Hoggies one will be cool if it's the same people running it- they were my first real internet friends and they introduced me to lots of roleplaying/anime stuff. It's through them that I learned what anime was and the one girl got me heavily into Rurouni Kenshin, which I'm still into. 

My kittens are getting bigger and Bailey's voice has changed... Drake's falling behind in the puberty department, but I'm sure him voice will change at some point.

Oh and I've learned how to cook! Ash taught me how to make packet meals while she was here and emily taught me how to combine lots of random stuff to things and still make it taste good. I've made a packet meal on my own, along with my first marinade and even successfully made myself a hamburger from my old molding of ground beef. I'm so proud of myself!

Plus, Tami showed me where I could download a dvd burner thingy and now I'm able to record clips straight to my computer so I can actually start learning how to make my own vids! I'm SO excited! I just have to decide what clips I want to use in the 2 songs I've already picked out, and record them and then learn how to put them together. Hurrah! 

The only scared thing is that my audition for switching to a Music Education majour is next saturday and I havn't practiced since before spring break. But it's kinda sad that when I really think about it, I won't be too unhappy if I fail. I'll just go on to photography or photojournalism or something. I'm kinda on the college trial program. I'll try about 40 things until I find one I like.

Oh well. Time to look up more Lindsey slash. Hurray! 

(I even made my own icon)


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