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So I'm back for the moment. I just redid a bunch of icons and decided i might as well continue my chronicalling of my life from the beginning of august to now. I've probably forgotten most of it by now anyway, so it should be rather short.

Rest of B-Day )

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I think that's it for tonight. I still wanna talk about:
Labor Day in PA,
Project Runway,
and Rent, though.
And maybe some Frat stuff too. But another night. Gnite.
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Ok! I'm back and bored. So I shall start my long ass posts.

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Saturday July 29 )

Sunday, July 30 )

And that's where I finish for today because I have a huge headache and fever symptoms from my life lesson I just learned about drinking Vodka after eating Pasta Alfredo. Post more tomorrow. Gnite.
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So I'm a lazy mofo and havn't gotten off my ass to post lately.

Let's see...

Pet's Visit )

So that was three weeks ago. Two weeks ago...

Emi's visit )

Then last week was my gaming convention.

Origins 2006 )

And finally, I saw PotC2 last night. But I'm totally gonna talk about that in another post because I'm trying to post online, post this, talk to Pet, and watch Smallville all at the same time and I've been working on this post for SIX HOURS. I'm done. More later. Woo!
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Wow have I been busy.

The weekend after I last posted was memorial day weekend, and my brother came up for the weekend along with his girlfriend. We went out for dinner with her family on Saturday, and they invited us to go see a movie with a few of them. My mom and brother didn't want to go, but I really did because I love her family so much, so we went and saw X-3.

I'd only ever seen the last half of X2, and didn't remember much. I came in at the part at the house where Pyro starts incinerating things. I remembered Magneto and Patrick Stewart's character. (Who I now know is called Charles Xavier.) I remembered Pyro because I thought he was cool and liked how he was a good guy that then turned bad, and I remembered a little about Wolverine, mostly that I kinda liked him and he had big claws. I also remembered it took place at a dam. Other than that, I was either lost, or didn't remember at all. (ex. The Ending)

But yeah. So I loved it, as you can probably tell by the way I'm talking about it.

Anyway, after the movie I dropped Colleen and Michelle, (my brother's girlfriend and her sister) off at their parent's house, and drove home. The next day I went to my mom's house because she was hosting a "Let's get together for Memorial Day party" for our family and theirs. When I got there I helped make deviled eggs, and then my brother and I went downstairs and played World of Warcraft for a while before our guests arrived.

I can't begin to tell you how much fun this was. I hadn't played computer with my brother since we both were still living in our old house, which would have been before he left for college, so about 5 years ago. And when we used to, it was always me being upset because he never thought I could do anything right, and I'd always be pissy and hate it.

Well maybe we've both changed, but he really was being nice and complimenting me and everything. We completely destroyed the level we were in (can't remember which part, but it was Scarlet Monastery) and this was with me playing a lvl 40's druid that I'd never even touched before. One time I made a bad pull that turned into us annaliating the entire fricking area around a huge ass fountain, which was about 14 bad guys all attacking in succession, usually 3 at a time. And we LIVED! It was amazing and SO much fun. I remembered why I love my brother for reasons other than I have to. ;)

Anyway, once everyone got there we had a really good time just hanging out and talking. I talked with a girl (who's now the girlfriend of Colleen's brother) who I went to elementary school with, and hadn't had any contact with her since, and I learned that she's a really cool person. We had fun reminicing for a while.

Unfortunately, after everyone went home my brother and I got in an arguement that resulted in me breaking down and having a crying tantrum and ruining the evening, and we parted on bad terms, but I have since apologized and made up so it's all good now. We were both being kinda stupid... and I'm still getting over that we've changed since we used to live together. Plus I've kinda gotten spoiled with him not being around, because I'm used to having my mom's undivided attention now, and I found myself getting upset because she was talking with him instead. I'm glad I realized it so I could calm myself down and not ruin the time they had together, but it was kinda a shock.

Also while he was here he fixed my new computer for me, and it works!! Yay!!! It's so nice and new and I love it so much. I'm trying to keep myself for downloading a bunch of crap, and I've started using FireFox instead of IE, because he says that it's safer than IE, so I'm pretty happy.

So that was 2 weekends ago. On Memorial Day I went and visited [personal profile] soulless_lover for a bit, and told her about my new love for X-Men and learned she used to love it too. So we went and saw X3 together, and it was interesting seeing her reactions, especially because then I made her explain everything to me after.

I spent that week falling deeper into the clutches of X-Men, though I'm still completely obsessed with Supernatural, because I have finally managed to write a story!! Well... the first chapter of a SPN story anyway. And it's pretty good! And I have the rest of the story semi-mapped out, with the second chapter completely mapped out. I just need to write it now. I'm really happy about it, and am excited to write more, but I've just been so tired and busy.

Last Thursday, however, was fun. The WB is rerunning Supernatural during the summer, so I called [profile] carolfish and she called up [profile] angelstart[profile] and we did a 3 way convo for the episode, then continued on into the night while we watched more. We started a tally of the number of times Dean licks his lips in an episode, and so far the average is about 7 times an eppy. It also depends on how happy the episode is. In Something Wicked, he only licked his lips 3 times, but in Hell House it was a whopping 11 times!

That was a blast. Then, at midnight, I drove out to Grafton to pick up [personal profile] soulless_lover because Friday morning, she had her PASS program at Kent State. We came back to my house after I picked her up from work and started watching a few of her old X-Men VHS tapes that she had made when she was younger and the cartoon was on the air. I was falling asleep, though, so I went and took a 3 hour nap before we had to get up and go to the Student Center.

I got to play "family member" for the day, and managed to email my band director during the slew of downtime I had while she took her placement tests. She then went to her advisor and I checked out X-men comics that the Bookstore sells and when she was done, she had good news. She managed to score so high on the English placement test that she doesn't have to take ANY english classes. I HATE HER. I spent 5 semesters trying to complete my english requirements, and she manages to do it in one test that she took after being awake for 24 hours. *sigh*

Anyway, after we were done, and finished yelling at fucking student financial aid bitches, we went home and slept. We woke up at about 11pm and it was Logan who greeted me. He taught me how to do some yoga and other exercizes, then we went grocery shopping until 2am, when we went on the Wal-Mart Run From Hell. Basically, I couldn't remember which area Wal-Mart was open 24 hours, so we went to 3 before I remembered which one it was and then got lost on the way there. We finally managed to make it though and now I know where it is. Yay for me! After leaving for the grocery store at midnight, we didn't make it back until 4:30am, and I had to work at noon. But we hadn't eaten, either, so Logan made steak and potatoes while I picked a movie, and then we settled down to watch Once Upon a Time in Mexico.

Have I mentioned that I like steak and potatoes? I think I'm Irish at heart. The problem was, I took a HUGE piece of steak and gulped it down, and it managed to get lodged in my esphogus. I wasn't choking, and I could breathe, but it seriously felt like something was stuck. You ever take a big mouthful of bread or bun or something and try to swallow it and it goes really slow, and then you take a drink of water and it pushes it down and you feel relief? That's what this was like, except that when I tried to take a drink of water, I couldn't swallow it and I had to go throw it all up into the toilet. Unfortunately the blockage wouldn't come out and it was REALLY painful. I sat wondering what to do and trying to puke it up, but it wasn't coming, so I called my mom at 6 in the morning to ask her advice. Talking to her calmed me down and she assured me I didn't need to go to the hospital since I wasn't choking. I finally managed to get it down and into my stomach by gulping down water really fast and hard. And there was Logan being all nice and getting me things and helping me while I'm being little miss Drama of the year.

But it turned out ok, and after going back out and cutting small pieces while chewing each one 50 times, I finished my dinner and got so tired that I went to sleep.

I woke up and went to work, then came back at 4pm to find him still asleep. I played WoW for a while and when he woke up, he got emily and she and I went out to eat with my mother. Then we went to Target to replace Logan's hat that my kittens had destroyed, and went to Best Buy after that to pick up X1 and X2. When we got home we totally camped out on my futon and watched both movies.... and I'm hooked. The sad thing is that I really don't like the comics all that much. There's just something about comic books that I've never liked... and I think it's because  you don't get a good sense of what's going on. You see someone trying to hit someone else, but it's hard to tell if they hit or not, and there's little sound effects that don't make sense in my head everywhere... I mean when you punch someone you don't normally think "Oo I punched him, it sounded like FWOOP!" Plus with the action drawings, it's hard for me to figure out what's going on.

But seeing the movies where I can get a good sense of character, and the action is easy to follow, plus I can get a real life face for the characters... I'm in. I love the movies... and Hugh Jackman just rocks my world as Wolverine. Which is funny cuz I don't find him nearly as cool and attractive when he doesn't have the hair and the burns. He just looks like your normal, 6'2" guy, who can sing and dance. He's funny, and seems like a REALLY nice guy, plus he's EXTREMELY talented (have you ever heard him sing?!) but he just doesn't do it for me like he does when he's playing Wolvie.

So yeah. After watching the movies, I was understanding X3 a WHOLE LOT BETTER, and wanted to see it again, but by that time is was about 4am again. So I went to sleep and slept like a rock for 12 hours. When I got up emily said Logan apparently had gone for a walk in the wee hours of the morning while I was sleeping, and got made fun of by a bunch of drunk college kids. It didn't surprise me, as my neighbors have less than nice habits, but also kinda made me laugh. Then em called her dad to try and get him to put money in her bank account for her, but he was being uncooperative ("No I can't do that, I'll give it to you in person, so fi you want it drive over to Berea") so we drove to Berea and took care of that, along with em buying herself some booze that I most definitely didn't touch because I'm under 21, and we went to see X3 again. This time Logan was out, and that was fun, watching a movie with himself in it. I managed to find the guy who people on the internet are calling Gambit , and if it WAS him, I'm SO disappointed, cuz he looked like a stupid ugly tall guy in an overcoat and a wig (I've been reading em's comics so I'm learning who other people are, and I definitely like Gambit best, second to Wolvie, so far)

Then we went back to em's apartment and Logan made some fish that was fantastically good, and we watched Troy before conking out. (I was actually impressed with Troy, as they didn't change as much of it was I assumed they would... with the exception of "Oh it's Orlando Bloom so we have to give him fight scenes, even though Paris never lifted a finger in the real story") By the time we woke up on Monday em had to go to work, so I drove home and messed around online.

The rest of this week I've been working non-stop, and am waiting for an email from my band director to see if he has any music picked out that I can come in and copy for him for Marching Band yet. Other than that, Communiversity Band starts next week which I'm excited about, and I'm feeling really good about school next year again, cuz I managed to get my schedual squared away. I'm at the pre-school excitement phase that I get every year after I schedual for classes, so yay!

And I did see a counselour, but she referred me to a different one (who happens to be the same one I used to have years ago) and they've yet to call me back about when she's free for a new appointment. I'm planning on calling them too.

Plus I'm really starting to get deeply involved with the Student Group of the Ohio Gamer's Organization at Kent State, which is gonna be crazy if JR keeps micromanaging things like he is. He really needs to understand that if the student group is going to exist, it's going to be WITHOUT his involvement because he's not a student, and his face is HATED throughout the administration on campus. We're starting in a hole that I have to dig us out of BECAUSE of him, and now he's trying to tell me that I have to do things his way. Well I'm sorry, but I'm involved in a student group on Kent State already, I know how it works and for the most part what I need to do, and we're going to have a struggle succeeding with his ideals and problems that he's given us, let alone trying to be competition to a gaming student group already on campus.

/rant off

That's about it for now... though I'm planning on getting together with Pet again sometime in the next few weeks, but it depends on what she says and other things too. Whee!


May. 5th, 2006 03:25 am
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So things have been crazy crazy 'round these parts.

First off, War Games was a blast. What could be more fun than hunting your Brothers down with supersoakers filled with Rit dye all over campus? I'll tell you what... joining forces with a supposed enemy team to take out the red team because Austin, Weeden, D, CanDance, and Andy all got put on the same team. My team, the blue team, AKA Team America, ended up winning... but it was really close. Plus I got to pretend I was Dean for a day... though that was all in my head because I'm a crazy obsessed psycho. I did get to meet and have fun with Brothers and Sisters from Akron, Ashland, and one other place (I'm having a brain fart) which was fun, and going to Mindy's house afterwards was a blast.

The only problem: Elyse's mother died unexpectedly.

So the fun that I had made me feel guilty for having it in the first place. My heart goes out to Elyse.

So then, I stay up half the night Sunday, to be awakened at 11am Monday morning by 4 phone calls. I ignore the first 3, trying desperately to get back to sleep, and then answer the 4th and talk to [personal profile] soulless_lover for a couple hours. We hang up and I'm messing around on the internet by then, when I get another phonecall, which I answer this time. It's my mother's boss. My mom's in the ER with chest pains. I'm in shock for about 30 minutes before I get in my car and drive up to her workplace to get her purse and stuff, then lose it in the car when I drive to the hospital. I pull myself back together enough that I can ask the clerk where she is, run down to the ER, ask again, and get taken to see her. 

Seeing your mother in a cart bed on oxygen when she was perfect the day before is a humbling experience.

I fucking lost it. I was sobbing. She managed to tell me that she was ok, she wasn't in pain, and all the tests were coming back showing that she was in good health. But I'd just played out what would happen if my mom were to die in my head, and couldn't stop the repeats of how I'd have lost both my parents before my 21st birthday and everything that I would need to do to take care of things.... selling the house, finding a place for the dog, deciding what to do with the car, deciding what to do with all her stuff... and all without her or anyone else (except my brother who has his own life) to help me. I don't know how she did it when Dad died... but then again, both Dad's parents were still alive to help. I'd have no one. 

She transferred to Akron General so that her personal doctor could see her, and they kept her overnight for observation. It turned out that everything looked ok, and the chest pains were probably just acid reflux disease, so that's good, but it still made me realize that my mom's getting up there.... and I would be devastated if she died. I wouldn't know what to do with myself. She is my rock- she's the only one I can take advice from, she helps me in everyway possible, she keeps me sane and on the right track. She's done everything for me and to think that someday I'm going to lose her.... I can't deal with it.

I've learned that I've been dealing with my depression by covering it up and denying it from existing. The reason why I have no drive in life is because I'm afraid to live it. I don't want to grow up, I don't like change and I wish everything could just stay right here right now. I hide my emotions by getting obsessed with things and becoming other people. I have only 1 thing that I know for absolute that I want and that is a family. And I want my mother to know my family and help me and give me advice. The problem is that requires a man/husband and I'm rather far off from finding one of those.

So after the whole mother being in the hospital thing, I get a call from [personal profile] soulless_lover again, who's stressing about her apartment. I told her I'd be able to come and help, but when I got back from the hospital I was really stressed and just wanted to play as Dean for a while, especially since it was Sammy's birthday (May 2nd). So I got on with [profile] pet_23 and we played... and it became 10:30pm and I was like... well if em wants me to come she'll call me... and then I get a IM from Ash saying that em's tried calling me like 5 times but wasn't getting thru... and I realize my phone was still off from when I was in the hospital. So I feel totally guilty and she asks me to come and I realized I had class... but I decide I can blow off my last class and help her clean up her apartment, so I drove up to Grafton at 11pm and helped her do her dishes until we collasped at about 4am.

Wednesday was spent watching her get her hair re-done for 5 hours before rushing back, grabbing laundry and rushing to the laundromat before it closed. We did 6 heavy duty garbage bags plus a hamper full of clothes in 1 hour using 1 50 lb. washer, 2 35 lb. ones, and 4 15 lb. ones... plus about 8 dryers. We got it all done and went back and folded it until 2am, then I finished the dishes at 4am again. Then we fell asleep and we got up and did diddly (aka read Lenore comics) until 3:30pm when she had to go to work. I came back to Kent with the intention of playing as Dean because he'd been ACHING to come back out, and got put on hold because I forgot I was going to go help usher at a concert. So I quick drove to the auditorium, ushered for 5 minutes, hugged MA and wished her good luck at her last performance, and then rushed home, hoping to catch my mom so we could look at houses together.... but I'd missed her.

Luckily, a package from [profile] pet_23 had come in the mail, so I whipped it open, loved the note, and shoved the DVD of interviews she had made me into my DVD player.... then almost chucked it out the window when it didn't work. (My dad bought the first DVD player on the market... cost $300, and doesn't even play burnt DVDs) Sooo I went to my mom's computer instead... but she doesn't have a DVD program for viewing. So I tried to download a free one.... but my options were limited because she still hasn't upgraded from Windows 98. But I finally managed to find one, install it, and watched 3 interviews with Jensen and Jared, then an interview with Christian Kane (cuz he's HOT and I love Petpet), then a shit load of SPN vids before it was 9pm and SPN was on.

*takes deep breath*

And I totally did not realize how crazy!obsessed!fangirl I was before this fandom. I've NEVER been this crazy about a show until now... and I think it's because of the timing in my life. 

But that's another discussion for another time because this post is insanely long and has so far taken 1 hour to write.

In closing... if anyone has the combination to the trunk, or the usernames and passwords to the laptop on the official website for Supernatural... please tell me because I'm DYING to get in there... and I thought I had the combo but I totally didn't. Dad's journal was a blast to read tho. Ok... sleep time. Good night!
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Yay! Lotsa stuff to talk about.

First, the results of my audition are in, and I made it! Woo! I'm rather amazed because my audition went SHIT.... I got so nervous I was shaking and screwed up the final movement of my solo, then couldn't find my note to restart it for a good few moments, then finally found it and finished it. Then sight-reading... yeah there's a thing called a key-signature, right? Well I forgot ALLLL about that and started playing. Mr. Chunn was like, "Ok hang on... I think if you'll look at the key signature you'll like the piece better." Then he put a piece in 6/8 time in front of me and there were lots of 16th notes in it... and my brain was panicing so badly that I really couldn't play it. He put a different 6/8 piece in front of me and I could play that, so he told me to go back and I was like "Uhm... I really don't know how to count that...." And he was like "Well we can teach you that." I left the audition thinking that photography might not be so bad after all... but then I got the letter saying I made it. Yay for me! Now I'm just nervous because they were obviously banking on something, and for the life of me I can't think of what.

In other news I had a job interview and thought it went great, expect I havn't heard anything in a week. I'm planning on calling tomorrow to see...

And in further news, I had an eventful weekend, cuz Saturday was the Unofficial Beta Psi goes to Mongolian BBQ trip, and from there I went to [personal profile] soulless_lover 's mom's house to visit her. She's still in a bunch of pain, but the surgery went well and did what it was supposed to. I gave her a wee little devil ducky I found, and we watched the Chronicals of Narnia with her niece. It was a good film in the way of Edmund=Drake, but I felt SO cheated by all the damn Christian imagery. *sigh for that* Other than that I really liked it and we had a good time watching it. After that we talked for a while, and then it was getting late so I drove back home. 

A storm woke me up at 6:30 am, and so I decided to get an early start on my single person roadtrip to [profile] pet_23 's house. It's so far the farthest I've driven on my own, and it wasn't so bad on the way there. The sun was out and it was really rather fun. I felt like I had freedom to just the open road taking me anywhere I wanted to go. When I got to her house she introduced me to Supernatural. Yeah. I'm OBSESSED now. Not to say I'm done with Buffy/Angel, FAR from it, but the appeal of Dean and Sammy... mmmmmmmmmmmm. We watched 15 episodes of it, ending at 1:30am when I got there at about 12:30pm.... with a short break to go and get new bowls for her doggy from Wal-Mart... in which we were both slightly tired and unable to speak properly... and came up with a wonderful new word for "evil". "DARRGG!!!" I don't even remember how it came about, but Darg became the new catchphrase of the weekend.

Darg. adj. meaning: evil. "Dean was all DARG in Skin and he was HAWT."

The next day we got up and went out to eat for a while before coming back and watching the remaining episodes... and Hell House is my favourite so far, just because of the pranks. Though I'd have to rate Home really high up there, as well as Something Wicked, cuz Home was gutwrenching, and Something Wicked was full of Dean angst. Dean's my favourite now, though I can't say I don't love Sammy, but Dean's personality is so much better. *hides from Pet* He's just... hot. Plus the fact that Jensen and Christian Kane are RL friends makes my insides go melty. Sooo then we started burning DVDs for me because Pet's just awesome like that, and spent the rest of the night talking about naughty-wrong-lustful wincest fantasies.... and I got beaten by a pillow cuz I couldn't stop from helping Pet's "non"wrong thoughts become wrong. Heh heh heh. So then we finally fell asleep and I had to leave by 1:30pm, so I woke up early and packed, before Pet woke up and we said goodbye. 

Driving back at 80 mph in pouring down rain through Pennsylvania's mountains sucks. I don't think I could have done it if it had been night, because I could barely seen anything half the time, and I freaked myself out twice going too fast around a curve. Then I started channeling some Dean, and relaxed. Maybe if I'd been in a '67 Chevy Impala I could have relaxed further..... but we won't go into carlust. 

Annnnyway. Yeah. Thursdays, 9pm. Watch it. Only 2 episodes left in the regular season. I think that's about it for now. Good night!
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Hurrah. I'm in a good mood. After a horrible joint meeting (bitch must die) and a pretty good active meeting, a bunch of us walked across campus to a car, then drvoe to the stadium and trespassed on the 50 yard line at about midnight. Then we discovered the new walking bridge over Rt. 261 and stargazed for a while, then walked back to the summit east parking lot and talked until 1:30am. Made me really happy cuz it was fun. The only downside was that I lost my house and mailbox key sometime during the fun.... so now I have to search for them when it's light outside. 

In other news, after a shitty spring break full of angst, stuff is better now... and I can't remember if I said anything about it in my last post, but it's worked out for the most part. Still recovering slightly, but feelin good for the most part.

I've fallen head over heels into any pairing involving Lindsey/Christian Kane after realizing how in love with him I really was. God I love that man. I spent all last night digging up old and new fics and RPS involving him and am planning on doing more tonight.

I also realized how much I miss RPing... especially slash rping, so I'm applying for a new RP and learned that the old Hogwarts one I did during highschool is still running, so I was considering applying back there again. I have lots of time on my hands and really really miss forum based RPs. Plus the Hoggies one will be cool if it's the same people running it- they were my first real internet friends and they introduced me to lots of roleplaying/anime stuff. It's through them that I learned what anime was and the one girl got me heavily into Rurouni Kenshin, which I'm still into. 

My kittens are getting bigger and Bailey's voice has changed... Drake's falling behind in the puberty department, but I'm sure him voice will change at some point.

Oh and I've learned how to cook! Ash taught me how to make packet meals while she was here and emily taught me how to combine lots of random stuff to things and still make it taste good. I've made a packet meal on my own, along with my first marinade and even successfully made myself a hamburger from my old molding of ground beef. I'm so proud of myself!

Plus, Tami showed me where I could download a dvd burner thingy and now I'm able to record clips straight to my computer so I can actually start learning how to make my own vids! I'm SO excited! I just have to decide what clips I want to use in the 2 songs I've already picked out, and record them and then learn how to put them together. Hurrah! 

The only scared thing is that my audition for switching to a Music Education majour is next saturday and I havn't practiced since before spring break. But it's kinda sad that when I really think about it, I won't be too unhappy if I fail. I'll just go on to photography or photojournalism or something. I'm kinda on the college trial program. I'll try about 40 things until I find one I like.

Oh well. Time to look up more Lindsey slash. Hurray! 

(I even made my own icon)

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So it's been a while. I made a list cuz there's alot.

First off, the KSU Men's Basketball team became the champions of the MAC tournament this year and went on to the NCAA. That was amazing. At the MAC championship and almost having a heart attack because they let Toledo come back to be within 3 points of tieing the game. But we won and watched our fans charge the floor and celebrate. That was cool. What was cooler was going to Michigan for the NCAA! We had been hoping it would be someplace far away like San Diego, CA or something, but it actually turned out to be good that we only went to MI because not only did we have a load of fans come, but we lost in the first round against Pitt. It was sad having to come back home after only 2 days, but it would have been tons worse having to go back home after only 2 days in San Diego. Even though we lost, our men fought valiently, the refs needed to be shot, and KSU still had an AMAZING season.

As for Kappa Kappa Psi- The candidates are active now, yay for them!! I'm slightly concerned that my little doesn't seem to like his nickname, but I suck at things like that, and it was about all I could think of. :( I'm excited about a D&D game that my one Brother is planning on running for us, cuz I've never played Eberron before and I think it will be fun. Also, the NCD convention was last weekend, and other than having a fever for the entire time and a couple other Brothers getting sick, I had a blast. I went to 3 workshops by myself, (which was kinda sad) participated in them, and really really enjoyed Reading Band this year. Last year it was stop and start, this year we played every piece in our folder all the way through. It was a 100% improvement. We spent alot of time with Toledo (Oh no it's Beta Rho!) a little time with Akron, and enjoyed mingling with brothers from all over the district. Plus the night before convention I had the KKY district council camp out in my apartment, and I believe my cats had a blast in keeping them awake. (Sorry!) I was sad to see the council go, and wish for the best for the next one, because it will be hard to top the Year of the Cock. ( ;) ) Plus MA's final report made our entire chapter cry... In other KKPsi news, I'm planning on running for office next year, though I'm not entirely sure which one I want to go for yet... and it depends on whether I manage to get a chapter office first. 

My kittens are growing. Alot. Both of them have little fat tummies sticking out now, and Bailey managed to get one front paw through his collar. If it had been just a little tighter and in a different place he could have possibly strangled.... which made me have another breakdown and they're not wearing collars anymore. Maybe when they're older. They also killed their first spider, and I was slightly surprised to find myself feeling pity for the spider... watching two kittens torture this little arachnid to death made me realize that Death by Kitten could possibly fall under Cruel and Unusual Punishment. 

[personal profile] soulless_lover has a kidney stone, so love to her, and hope for a speedy recovery. Though she's sitting in my living room right now... she'll possibly see this later ;)

[personal profile] kidcyclone is also currently in my living room, and I made my list about a week and a half ago, so this area was supposed to be reserved for how excited I was going to be to see her, but I think I'll change it to how much I love her and hope she's having a good time.

Job status: None. Application status: 4 submitted. Debt: $1200+. Hope of getting job: Not so much.

"Money?" (that's what's written on my list.) I can't remember what I was going to say about it other than I've got none and owe my mom $1200. A job would be nice. Is there a patron saint of Job Applications?

Spring Break ends in 3 days. I've decided to become a Music Education major... interesting anecdote about that. I've always wanted to be one... I didn't want to leave high school because it meant growing up so teaching was always a possibility. I loved my band director best out of all the teachers I ever had. I've wanted to do this. The Beta Omega class was very supportive... my own Little helped me apply for an audition and has given me tons of advice and info. I announced my plans in a joint meeting and got an applause from TBS (they're all Music Ed majors). I announced my plans in a KKpsi meeting and got groans. I told [personal profile] kidcyclone and she was all for it... I told my mom and she groaned. Why is it that of the 3 people/groups that I care about their opinion most (my Brothers, [personal profile] kidcyclone, my mom), 2 out of the 3 are not supportive and everyone else was more supportive than I've ever seen? Oh well.

Drama needs to be prohibited from the world. I could say everything I'm thinking, but I think I'll save it for a notebook because it could hurt about 8 or 9 people if I just vent and don't consider what I'm saying. I'm sick of fucking drama.


Feb. 21st, 2006 11:12 pm
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Yeah so if anyone wants to know what I've been doing for the past couple weeks, let me make it clear. 


That's about it. The Candidates are on their way to potentially becoming Brothers, and are getting further everyday, and I'm proud of them. Other than that, life's been slightly dull.

However, a little relief was gained 2 weekends ago when [personal profile] soulless_lover came down to my house for the weekend, which was fun times, even though my toilet was clogged for 2 of the 4 days she was here, and then she had an allergic reaction to my cats which sucked... but watching Eddie Izzard, Robin Williams, The Reduced Shakespere Company, and PBS's Manor House on DVD was fun times. Plus the basketball game was interesting even tho we got there at halftime because I can't read.

Last weekend my brother came up to visit again, which was nice cuz I hadn't seen him since Christmas. We went out for dinner, and then Saturday I woke up with a sore throat, went to the basketball game, and yelled myself hoarse, before going out in the bitter cold for some shopping time with my mom. Got back and collapsed in a fever on the couch, watched the olympics for a bit before coming home and shivering to death in my bed fully dressed, heat turned way up, under 9 blankets and a sleeping bag. Sunday was outside Fraternity stuff all day, which didn't help much, and Sunday night was spent about the same at Saturday, with the cold and fever bit. Monday I stayed inside all day, skipped my class and my meetings, hearted my mom when she came over and made me mac and cheese in my apt while I froze on the couch (again under all the blankets I owned) and then woke up early this morning feeling a little better at noon, when I went out of my house for the first time for Big/Little time. Then I went back home and found my fever again, and skipped band and the basketball game to freeze at my computer. I'm starting to feel a little better again (yay for non-prescription medicine) except I've completely lost my voice and it hurts to even try to talk. So I type instead.

In other news, [personal profile] kidcyclone is visiting her daddy in Oregon this week, which means I've not got her to play with and I really need a spanking. *sigh* I'd like to write a story to make up for it, but my muse must have left when I graduated high-school, because I've not written a good story since. 

Soon, though, she'll be visiting me... (and by me, I mean me, emily, pet, and our other friend annie) and I'll be getting lotsa spankings, so that makes me happy to think about, and keeps me going. *smile* Think I'll try and write a story now.


Jan. 27th, 2006 02:47 am
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Yeah so I can't remember what I was typing about... I think it was about what I did when I brought [ profile] soulless_lover back to her place... which is basically check out a car with her dad so that her old rust bucket could meet a new home. She apparently got it, so that rocks, yay for me being nice to my friends.

Other than that I'm coming up on my first run of bills that I have to pay by myself... and they suck. I have to borrow $200 from my mom to be sure the check doesn't bounce.

Finally took overdue DVDs back that were overdue by like 12 days. Yay.

Changed the litter in my kittens' litterbox for the second time, and used new litter which they seem to like alright... we'll see if it really handles smell better. It's supposidly for "small spaces" but we'll see...

My Little in the Frat is doing pretty good... tho the Candidate class just went through their first tough meeting. I hope they do better than ours did, since we lost a member at this time of our class. I feel for them, though... it's tough. Lurve to them.

Feeling kinda down since it's 3am... I love my kittens but I've been missing having like... a person in my life. I think that's why I'm planning on getting into Fanfiction again. I realized I stopped writing when I came out of my depression. Huh, imagine that? I hope I'm not getting depressed again. Though I heart the LJ because I can journal and it doesn't feel like a chore. I should really back up these files and print them out so in like 30 years I can be like: OMG look how stupid and young I was!! And try to remember what OMG stood for 30 years ago. (It's not Ohio Medical Group like the sign near soulless_lover's house says.)

Think I'll write for a bit then read, then sleep. Daddysire already went to bed. He'll probably punish me for being up so late. Oh well. I don't have any classes tomorrow.

Fun Times

Jan. 23rd, 2006 08:31 pm
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So driving to PA and back is actually not that bad. On saturday, after slaving in a kitchen for 8 hours for a spaghetti dinner put on by my Frat for All Star Band, I picked up [ profile] pet_23 and [ profile] soulless_lover from emily's house, and drove them back to Pet's house. At 2am. Until 6am. I was tired. Yet managed to stay up for about a half-an-hour with William to pester Angelus while we were all supposed to be sleeping. It was hellafun.

Sunday was spent sleeping, and then getting my ass beat by a variety of leather belts and Angel's hand... and OMG... he's got this elastic belt that stings like heaven. Yum. Oh, and William got leathered too. We were sharing the wealth that is Angel.

Then we played Mario Party 4 for a while, and that's an awesome game! I almost wish I had a Gamecube so I could play it again. We did other stuff too, but it all blends together. Plus some of it Spike would dismember me if I repeated... *grins*

Oh shit meeting time... BBL



Jan. 18th, 2006 02:06 am
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Random update on life:

Last Saturday I got in my car, drove to [ profile] soulless_lover 's workplace, picked her up, and then we left on a 3 hour roadtrip to the middle of PA. We got to [ profile] pet_23 's beautiful new house at about 2am, and visited for a while before I fell asleep at about 5am. Then, after a morning full of two sweet little boys watching me play my game-boy and asking me all sorts of questions... ("Is that a tree?" "Is that the bad guy?" "Are you gonna win?" "What are you doing now?" "What's that little thing?" "Why can't I hear the sound?" "Are you going to turn the sound on?") ...I managed to escape into the privacy of a room with two vampires, and was greeted with smiles. After observing and having a great time watching, we finally left and I got to know them both alot better on the drive back. We then went to see Brokeback Mountain together and OMG... SADNESS! Good movie, SAD SAD SAD for about 3/4 of it tho. (The sex scene was fucking HOT too... except for the urge to destroy the DAMNED PRETEENS sitting in front of us giggling the whole time.)

More indepth description/spoilers later cuz I'm tired.

I can't remember if I mentioned how I've come up with an idea for a fanfic or not... but I have... and unfortunately it's looking like it will only work as an Angel/OC fic... because Spike really wouldn't fit the part without losing all that is Spike... and it has to take place in Season 2 of Buffy. It's going to be an AU tho... (what fics arn't these days? ;) ) And if I ever get time between work and band, I might actually get to start writing it.

Speaking of... I love my work. I'm working at a bookstore barely off-campus and I love it so hard. I'm good at it, and I enjoy looking up the books and getting them for people. Maybe I will apply at the library after all.

Oh and school.... ugh. I skipped my first class and decided to drop it... but I'm still unsure. Lots of reasons... too tired to get into it.

Also too tired to talk about frat stuff.

Oh well. That's life.



Dec. 3rd, 2005 03:47 am
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So I'm up late again, having a productive evening looking up people I know on LJ and friending them whether they want to be my friend or not. And... I do post some rather interesting stuff on here... and have some interesting stuff in my profile, but fuck it. This is me and everything I post is important to and a part of me. Still is kinda embarassing, but I'm getting over it.

Click here for more, cuz cuts are fun to put in )

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I just got back from spending the day, night, and day at [ profile] soulless_lover  's house. First, it was an absolute blast. Will and Drake as fledglings together rock! We bought a naughty chair for Will, a frickin throne for Will's Angelus, and a porcelin piggy bank for me. The we went shopping and I was very tempted to buy a frickin 5 POUND bar of Hershey's chocolate... but I didn't. We had dinner, a tea party, some doll porn... and then we talked with our Sires for a long time, having interesting chats and lots of giggling, then were given lots of glares and threats of punishment, then we giggled more... and finally settled down. We watched Fool for Love and Darla, then fell asleep at about 6:30am. We woke up at about 3:30pm, and messed about until about 5:30, when we went back to the antique store where we got the previous furnature, picked up the Angelus Throne, and brought it back. Then we worked on demolishing the naughty chair’s horrible leather seating, because it was shabby and broken, and needs to be completely re-done… and in the process learned tons about chair-making from at least 70-80 years ago, and maybe even earlier. (Poor kid apprentice who went and shaved the horse…) We ate dinner again, then I set out for home after a bit more.

That’s the good stuff.

The bad stuff is I’m completely wishing I had a type of relationship that emily and pet have as Will and Angelus. Overhearing their convos… watching their interactions… they’re so cool together… and though I love kidcyclone dearly, we both know that our relationship can never progress into the sexual depths that I’d like to have some sort of relationship in. I mean, online is fun and all… but we both know that it could never happen IRL… which is kinda what I want. It would be strange to even do phone sex.

Sooo…. I’m thinking that I need to start looking for an Angelus for me IRL. Luckily, I have an idea of what I’m looking for in a relationship this time… unlike with my ex-boyfriend… the only problem is knowing where to look. Pretty much, I’m looking for a girl who loves to pretend to be a dominant male vampire Sire, but is still caring, fun-loving, and decent at the same time… and doesn’t mind being with a submissive girl, who loves playing a naughty male fledgling. She should be willing to roleplay, use a multitude of corporal punishments, be loving, and be willing to be friends outside of RP as well. I think that about covers it… which gives me about a 1 in 213087349315931735979173671971396931769137 chance of ever finding anyone.

The problem is, I know two people like that right now, but they’re both taken, which is why I feel my chances of finding other people as cool and nice as them is rather low.


In other news, I’m FUCKING SICK OF SCHOOL. I don’t even want to finish the semester. I think I’m going to go to having like 5 credit hours next semester… one class, and 2 bands.

Also, after spending Thanksgiving Break by myself in the apartment because my roomies were all at home, I SO want to live by myself. It was absolute bliss not having to worry about anyone but me. Not that I don’t like my roomates… I just have this intense urge to live alone. Soo… that’s pretty much it right now. I’m horny and want to be played with. But that problem won’t be solved for a long time, so I guess there’s nothing I can do right now. *sigh


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