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Title: Poker
Fandom/Characters: Sherlock Holmes- Watson/Holmes, slight indication of Watson/Mary
Rating: NC17
Warnings: Corporal Punishment
Prompt: Holmes/Watson playin cards and gettin undressed.
( [ profile] sherlockkink Meme pg 24)
Word Count: 1766
Poker )
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I ficced again. I've never ficced like this before. Then again, I've never had this sort of mind-numbingly boring time on my hands before either.

Title: Bound, Blind, and Belted
Fandom/Characters: Sherlock Holmes- Watson/Holmes
Rating: NC17
Warnings: Corporal Punishment, Minor Asphyxiation, Bondage.
Prompt: Okay, this was actually a culmination of two from [ profile] sherlockkink
#1: Surely anon recalls the scene in the movie where Holmes removes Watson's belt. Upon remembering this scene just now, I realized that we desperately need "erotic asphyxiation with Watson's belt" fic up in here.
So, yeah. I want that. Preferably Holmes as the one being asphyxiated. (Pg 17)
#2: necktie!kink.
Holmes getting tied up by his own (or, okay, Watson's) necktie, and getting fucked hard.
..preferably by Irene. But Watson does okay, too, as long as he bitches about staining the tie in the end. *shot* (Pg 18)
(Sherlock Kink Meme)
Word Count: 1720

Watson/Holmes )
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Thanks to [ profile] sherlockkink I have written my first real fic in about a year and a half. Wewt me!

Title: Deterrence
Fandom/Characters: Sherlock Holmes- Holmes/Watson
Rating: NC17
Warnings: Corporal Punishment
Prompt: Holmes/Watson. After Watson loses it all again Holmes tries to come up with a new method to deter him from gambling. (Paddling, caning, spanking--some form of punishment!) Unfortunately, it turns out that maybe this isn't much of a deterrent...
(Sherlock Kink Meme)
Word Count: 2051

Under the Cut )
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Hello again!

Yesterday we cuddled a bit before I drove us to Safeway again for bread and gingerbread cake supplies, and this time got us there using the five minute method. :) We got what we needed and decided to go to Target to look for a Gingerbread kit again, and went to a different Target. This one had it! Yay! We then went to Subway for lunch, and I got us back home, after turning down the wrong street because their neighbourhood is a maze of similiar looking streets.

Once home Sire and I cuddled and played all day. I got spanked by a brush, 2 tawses, Sire's hand, the switch, the cane, and 2 paddles. My bottom was happy. *happy grin*

Then Mr. Wonderful came home and Daddy taught me how to make Broccoli/Cheese Rice, and he made steaks in a dutch oven. I got to use up more of the A1 sauce that Daddy bought for me the first time I ever visited him 2 years ago... that has since moved twice with him and is still good until June 2006. Apparently neither of them like it, but I can't have steak without it. I love my daddy.

We went into the play room and unpacked a huge box. Daddy's got tonnes of playdoh, a little McDonald's playdoh set that I used to have when I was little, and a creepy crawly bug oven maker thingy that I also used to have. We also unpacked a bunch of drawing/office supplies. The smart movers put a box of crayons that didn't have a cover in the huge box on it's side... so we got to dig crayons out of everything and I tried to organize them, but Daddy's now missing about 8 crayons. We played with playdoh as Spike and Dru, which was actually kinda fun, until Dru started trying to eat the playdoh burger she had made... and I had to scare her by taking the little playdoh dentist set, making little playdoh teeth and fashioning 2 into little fangs, then ripping them out of the little plastic guy's head. It scared her enough that she didn't eat the playdoh... but I couldn't help but try to hide my own wince of sympathy for the little guy.

We cleaned up and came out to watch the end of South Park, and then we cuddled for a while before Daddy went to bed, and I stayed up reading until 1am.

Daddy woke me up this morning at about 8, and we posted on the internet then I ate breakfast and took an hour nap. Then I took a shower and Daddy took a bath, and we watched Orpheus from Season 4 of Angel. We then watched Robots while eating lunch, and then spent the last couple hours wrapping presents. We just finished when Daddy got a phone call, and now he's talking on the phone while I type this.

Tonight we're supposidly going to go out for dinner, and then have our own little Christmas, and make the gingerbread house kit. I'm excited! :) I'm schedualled to go home tomorrow and will probably leave for the airport at about noon, so I might not get to post until very late tomorrow night when I get back into Kent. I don' wanna leave. *sniffle pout* But at least I have lots to keep me occupied. I'm planning on going to  [ profile] soulless_lover 's house on the 24th, and then my own family is having Christmas on the 25th, which leaves the 26th for me to pack everything, and the 27th for me to move! Then I have a meeting on the 28th, and hopefully will go to the APL to pick up a kitten right after then. So my schedual is full! Byebye!


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