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Still no news on the housing front. The two places I emailed from craigslist haven't gotten back to me. :(

Yesterday I played WoW for about 13 hours, increasing my iLvl from about 320 to 339 in one day. Not half bad, if I do say so myself. Unfortunately now I'm stuck in that point of having shitty gear in heroics, with the only way to get better gear by doing heroics. Thus, I lose groups faster than dead skin cells cuz I can't heal all that great with this shitty shitty gear. And I hate healing 5 mans anyway. I've been tempted to just queue as Shadow, but I did one like that last night and my DPS sucks as well. Basically, I'm already depressed about WoW because I suck and my friends are never on when I am.

I've been having fun through the TARDIS RPG, though I changed characters. I'm now playing Post-Utopia Jack Harkness, currently chained in the bottom of the Valiant. My Jack!Muse is being hyperactive, however, as I had to check myself during work last week when I realized I was making far too many inappropriate jokes. Ah well. My co-workers (and even bosses) are really cool about that type of stuff. We even have a running joke about "Sexual Harassment Friday" where inappropriate jokes are allowed on Fridays... and if they're made during the week you just have to say "Oh, oops, it's not Friday, is it?" and that pretty much makes it okay. I love my workplace sometimes.

I'm re-working my portfolio slowly, but next weekend is the So-Cal USITT job fair, so I need it done by then. I don't have any worries about that though, especially since I have tomorrow off as well thanks to MLK day.

I watched the 2005 version of The Producers yesterday, and mostly liked it. It was odd seeing Will Farrell in a movie that wasn't a Will Farrell movie, but he wasn't completely off-putting. The best part, though, was definitely a bleach blond John Barrowman singing Springtime For Hitler. That made me laugh so hard. I love that man.

I've also been reading everything on the Torchwood_Kinkandseek list for impact play. It's an AMAZING list of as many spanking Torchwood pieces as they could find. It hasn't been updated since November, 2010, but it's still amazing. The link for the list is here.

Other than Branwen Blaidd's stuff, which is always amazing, the one I just read yesterday was a piece called "Green" by [ profile] wired_lizard. It is SO HOT.
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Things change pretty quickly in my life apparently.

My landlady has now, out of the blue, declared the 30 days notice to be official, in writing too after I told her it wouldn't technically count unless she handed me a piece of paper. I'm glad she looked into the legality of asking me to leave before doing it. >.<

So now I'm definitely being forced to find a new place to live. This is going to be difficult because it must meet certain criteria:

Be at or below $500/month
Allow 2 cats
Be furnished.

Mom and I have discussed shipping some of my furnature from home out to me so that I don't have to worry about the third one too excessively. Really I'd just want my couch and a dresser, because I can buy a cheapo table for my computer it I must. The biggest inconvenience there would be the lack of TV, as I will be unable to play my PS3. Though maybe I could hook that up to my computer monitor? I dunno.

Either way this is a reality now.

In other news, the other thing I must get done this month is to re-do my portfolio in preparation of the Southern California USITT Job Fair on Jan. 22. So I've got 11 days to get that done too. I should have done that last week, but forgot about it completely. Ah well.

And in further news, I've been listening to the Doctor Who Soundtracks from Seasons 1-4 including the Tennant specials. I had known that I loved the song that plays over Tennant's regeneration but didn't know anything about it until I found that it's in Latin! It's called Vale Decem (Farewell, Ten) and I love it so much more now. It still makes me cry.

That said, since re-watching Season 5 a couple times in preparation of the Christmas Special, I have really come to love Eleven. I can't wait for the new season! Though I don't know how Moffit will top Season 5. It was just so well put together. The finale still gives me shivers because it is SO cool.

Oh, and I chopped off all my hair. This makes me ridiculously happy every time I look in the mirror. I think it looks fantastic.
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So I've not been away from LJ, really... I just haven't been posting.

Mostly because I'm tired and don't really want to update. And probably partly because I'm a little depressed in general, thus lacking motivation.

I'm still in my Doctor Who phase and the story I was writing is now several parts over 25k words total. I didn't exactly make NaNo, but for me that's damn good. Unfortunately I also haven't finished the first long story and probably won't for a while. See: Depression/Motivation issues above.

I'm also almost finished with my portfolio that is due on December 20th, but going for a trial run this weekend (!) at a Film and Television Expo in LA. A group of us are going down and attempting to network. We'll see how that goes.

Work is going ok. After two weeks of literally nothing to do, we're now swamped. >.< Poor poor planning due to bosses and designers.

Also, my landlady has decided she likes having me live here and is not requiring me to move. There is another girl interested in the other room, but no word on if she's planning on accepting it or not. We'll see.

Basically I'm depressed because I'm homesick and starting to worry about being jobless next August. Which is silly... there's nothing I can do about that right now anyway. Everyone is hiring for the summer season right now, which I already have a job for. But it's still a stress in the back of my mind. This is one major downside of my field... you never have constant work. I'm only starting to realize just how much of a stress bucket that is. ("Stress bucket" is now my new term. Spellcheck didn't like "Stressor" so I was forced to come up with something new.)

Yeah. Sorry I'm so down in all my posts. It's that time of the season, I guess.

I resolve to post good things next time.

Oh, one good thing right now. Thanks to This Karen Gillan picspam I am now doubly in love with that woman. I have never crushed on anyone younger than me before. It's a little weird for me. But she is GORGEOUS. Unf.


Oct. 30th, 2010 12:53 am
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Tech week blows. It's not even real tech week... this week is the week they're teching the flying choreography and such with all the hoists, harnessess and other such stuff. Next week is real tech week.

I'll probably describe this week in more detail later, but I'm on day 13 of 14 days working in a row, and most of the past 5 days were 12 hours or more. I also have to work tomorrow, then I might get Sunday, depending, then I get to work all next week as well.

Tech blows.

Also, my roommate told me yesterday that she's moving out tomorrow. I guess I'm getting my wish of living alone. LOL. I don't think she's even told our landlady. I'm not mentioning it until she comes to pick up the rent check on Monday.

And I drempt last night that the 10th Doctor was accidentally merged with my body somehow, so I started wearing his suit (!) and managed to save a bunch of people from certain death. After I saved them, the power of my goodwill was enough to release the Doctor from inside my conciousness. As thanks for being a good person while he was trapped inside my brain, he leaned over and kissed me. My evil cock-blocking subconscious finally allowed me a kiss, with David Tennant no less. It was so vivid, I even remember the softness of his lips upon my own.

Then he got in the Tardis and disappeared, leaving me on the sidewalk with an exciting adventure that no one would ever believe, al la Sally Sparrow... but oh well. I got a kiss. Sometimes I do actually like my dreams.

In other news, stolen from [ profile] insaneboingo.

List 20 things that you are, starting with "I am a ...".
Do not leave out the "a" or "an" in your statements.

I am a very tired theatre technician. )
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Waiting for Single Father episode 3...

I finished my project for Peter Pan this week on Thursday, which left me open for something else. Scenery is actually done, but Props are waaay behind, so I was assigned three prop projects at once! I managed to complete only one of them but made quite a distance at the other two and was only stopped because they hadn't found fabric or items yet, which has nothing to do with me. I'm pretty proud of this, as they were my first prop assignments at a professional level and everyone was very pleased with them. The two people in charge of props have mentioned to me that they would love for me to work for them next summer which I'm so excited about because I'm so interested in it and would love to gain that experience. (No official offers though since there's no set budget or anything yet. They said I'd hear about it in December)

Next week is going to suck... well tomorrow and Tuesday will at any rate because we're loading in all the flying equipment for Peter Pan, Wendy, John, and Michael to the theatre. I HATE putting big stupidly heavy things into the air. It terrifies me and I want nothing to do with it. Unfortunate it's part of my job, and right now our hours are looking like they're going to be from 8am to 10pm both days. How I wish I was being paid by the hour. Thus why next week is going to suck.

Today was good though. I did a ton of cleaning and rode my bike in the rain for about 30 minutes. It was fantastic! I love rain. I was in a terrible mood this morning, then did that and cheered up considerably.

Also today I wrote a complete mini-fic to compliment my WIP self-indulgent fic that's up to 20 pages and about 9000 words. The mini-fic is 2000 words but I'm stupidly happy with it. The idea came to me today in a blink of the eye and I just sat and wrote the whole thing. It also came with another idea too, and I'm probably going to write that out sometime when I'm not getting ready to go to bed. Plus I spent a day last week thinking about a whole other story for my self-indulgent fic, which is apparently turning into my first ever series. I have a whole plot summary written for that story and plan on writing it out as soon as I'm done with the first one. I'm about half-way through the first one, plot-wise, right now and really enjoying it.

It's so nice to be writing again, even if it is self-indulgent dribble.

Finally, I'd enrolled in a blacksmithing class through the college and we had our first class last Friday. Though we only went through safety things and introductions, I know I'm really going to enjoy it. I'm so excited to start next week.
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So I know I keep posting writing things and then not doing them... that's mostly due to my work schedule. We're fighting to stay on top of the build right now, which means the rest of this week is long hours with the potential of working Saturday. This sucks for two reasons: first, it's due to 4 projects that need to be done but are not mine, meaning I might have to work Saturday and there's nothing I can do to prevent it, and second, the gaming convention I've been looking forward to in San Luis Obispo starts Friday and I'm going to potentially miss half of it.

The worst part about all these extra hours is the fact that I don't get paid to work them. I'm on a flat contract agreement that doesn't change based on hours worked. This is one of the problems with my line of work. At this stage of the career, you're lucky to be paid at all (most internships are non-paid) and when you are paid, it's barely enough to live on yet you're working 50-60 hours a week. To put it in perspective, were I working a 40 hour week every week, I'm being paid $6 an hour. Since I'm working more than that (and it fluctuates) I'm being paid probably about $4-5 an hour. And they can do that because it's not a real "paid" position. It's paid in scholarship form. I'm technically not "working" in California, I'm a "student". And as all you students out there know, students have no rights.

I'm just lucky that I have a mother who's willing to help me out, or I don't know how I'd be living right now.

But yeah, that's why I haven't been around/productive. I've been working, then coming home, watching an episode of something or reading things on here for a bit, then falling asleep around 9:30pm and doing it again the next day.

Only one meme for now, as I have to get ready for work.

Day 06 - Favorite episode of your favorite t.v. show

Since my favorite television show is currently Leverage, my favorite episode is 100% The Two Live Crew Job. We get to see the opposites of all our crew, as well as our crew face off in a real struggle against them. I love the face-offs between all of them. Wil Wheaton versus Hardison was classic, and I LOVED both the first meeting and the spectacular fight between Eliot and Mikel. Their fight is probably the hottest thing they've ever shown on the show. And Parker being pickpocketed was great... but what really makes those scenes is that they used Apollo Robbins, their technical consultant who has been teaching them all this stuff. I have to admit, I've got a bit of a thing for Apollo now.

And the final wrap up with Apollo and Parker unlocking locks and Eliot and Mikel discussing scars then bringing out handcuffs and Eliot getting all flustered...

Unf. Such a great episode. I can't wait to see them back again.

This Meme Home
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Still working in Cleveland on an Overhire basis, thus why I have not been online in some time. Working 50-60 hours a week makes me want to just play Dragon Age for a couple hours before I conk out.

I've also been catching up on my reading. I finished another Drizzt Do'Urden book, Siege of Darkness, and really enjoyed it, as I always do with those books. The only thing that pissed me off were my friends, who ruined the surprise in the Epilogue. The Epilogue mentions a way for the evil demon Errtu hold some sort of power over Drizzt, and my friends hinted at what it was, enough for me to guess with a good amount of confidence that I'm correct. Stupid friends.

Currently I'm reading the Dragon Age novels. I'm about halfway through the first one, The Stolen Throne. Going from R.A. Salvatore to David Gaider was a DRASTIC change, and with 2 typos in the Acknowledgements alone, I was pretty bummed in the beginning. However, the story managed to catch me and even though the level of writing reminds me of a moderate to good level of fanfic, I've actually started really enjoying it.

It's mostly the personalities of the characters. The story is pretty meh so far, but his characters are SO interesting that they keep me reading. King Meric reminds me of Alistair in so many ways (on purpose, I believe) which at first bothered me, but as we progress, it's gotten to the point where I'm just excited to see what he does next. And Loghain, who I HATE, is in the book, but it's interesting because he's managed to walk a fine line of giving backstory that makes me sympathetic, while still doing dick-moves, making me continue to feel justified in hating him.

So yeah, that's what I've been doing and what's keeping me off LJ- work and books. I also have discovered Dagorhir through my friends and though I've only been to one practice, I truly enjoyed the experience and am dying to continue. It mixes my love of fantasy with my desire to exercise and learn combat. The only problem I have with it is that I'm moving to California in May, and the only chapters in the state are 3 hours away from where I'll be... thus making it difficult to continue once I'm out there. I'm kinda bummed about that.

I hope you all are doing well!
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This post is brought to you by the fact that it's [ profile] crazyjoyfulgirl's Birthday!

HAPPEH BIRTHDAY BRAINTWIN!!!!!!!! I WUVA YOUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU!!! Jenneh loves Jpad and Dean loves his Sammich. And yanno, then there was buttsex. All cuz it's your birthday. *\o/*

In other news my job at DuBois is awesome, and school starts tomorrow. I'm excited tho, because I'm really thinking I'm gonna enjoy my classes. Although check my journal in a few months from now and that may be a little different. ;)


Jun. 11th, 2006 01:51 am
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So, I am officially crazy.

Not only have I not slept in 26 hours, but I also made a new RPG forum based on an AU version of the X-Men universe with [personal profile] soulless_lover . It's located at for anyone who wishes to join. Make sure you read the Announcements first, though.

Other than that I'm good. I'm happy I get tomorrow and monday off, though going back to work is gonna suck. I never realized how much exercize and mind-numbingly boring it is to shove books back on shelves.

Oh, and my band director hasn't emailed me back yet about copying music, so I guess I'm going to wait until Communiversity band starts next week to ask about it.... if he's even there.

Whee for boring life.
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Wow have I been busy.

The weekend after I last posted was memorial day weekend, and my brother came up for the weekend along with his girlfriend. We went out for dinner with her family on Saturday, and they invited us to go see a movie with a few of them. My mom and brother didn't want to go, but I really did because I love her family so much, so we went and saw X-3.

I'd only ever seen the last half of X2, and didn't remember much. I came in at the part at the house where Pyro starts incinerating things. I remembered Magneto and Patrick Stewart's character. (Who I now know is called Charles Xavier.) I remembered Pyro because I thought he was cool and liked how he was a good guy that then turned bad, and I remembered a little about Wolverine, mostly that I kinda liked him and he had big claws. I also remembered it took place at a dam. Other than that, I was either lost, or didn't remember at all. (ex. The Ending)

But yeah. So I loved it, as you can probably tell by the way I'm talking about it.

Anyway, after the movie I dropped Colleen and Michelle, (my brother's girlfriend and her sister) off at their parent's house, and drove home. The next day I went to my mom's house because she was hosting a "Let's get together for Memorial Day party" for our family and theirs. When I got there I helped make deviled eggs, and then my brother and I went downstairs and played World of Warcraft for a while before our guests arrived.

I can't begin to tell you how much fun this was. I hadn't played computer with my brother since we both were still living in our old house, which would have been before he left for college, so about 5 years ago. And when we used to, it was always me being upset because he never thought I could do anything right, and I'd always be pissy and hate it.

Well maybe we've both changed, but he really was being nice and complimenting me and everything. We completely destroyed the level we were in (can't remember which part, but it was Scarlet Monastery) and this was with me playing a lvl 40's druid that I'd never even touched before. One time I made a bad pull that turned into us annaliating the entire fricking area around a huge ass fountain, which was about 14 bad guys all attacking in succession, usually 3 at a time. And we LIVED! It was amazing and SO much fun. I remembered why I love my brother for reasons other than I have to. ;)

Anyway, once everyone got there we had a really good time just hanging out and talking. I talked with a girl (who's now the girlfriend of Colleen's brother) who I went to elementary school with, and hadn't had any contact with her since, and I learned that she's a really cool person. We had fun reminicing for a while.

Unfortunately, after everyone went home my brother and I got in an arguement that resulted in me breaking down and having a crying tantrum and ruining the evening, and we parted on bad terms, but I have since apologized and made up so it's all good now. We were both being kinda stupid... and I'm still getting over that we've changed since we used to live together. Plus I've kinda gotten spoiled with him not being around, because I'm used to having my mom's undivided attention now, and I found myself getting upset because she was talking with him instead. I'm glad I realized it so I could calm myself down and not ruin the time they had together, but it was kinda a shock.

Also while he was here he fixed my new computer for me, and it works!! Yay!!! It's so nice and new and I love it so much. I'm trying to keep myself for downloading a bunch of crap, and I've started using FireFox instead of IE, because he says that it's safer than IE, so I'm pretty happy.

So that was 2 weekends ago. On Memorial Day I went and visited [personal profile] soulless_lover for a bit, and told her about my new love for X-Men and learned she used to love it too. So we went and saw X3 together, and it was interesting seeing her reactions, especially because then I made her explain everything to me after.

I spent that week falling deeper into the clutches of X-Men, though I'm still completely obsessed with Supernatural, because I have finally managed to write a story!! Well... the first chapter of a SPN story anyway. And it's pretty good! And I have the rest of the story semi-mapped out, with the second chapter completely mapped out. I just need to write it now. I'm really happy about it, and am excited to write more, but I've just been so tired and busy.

Last Thursday, however, was fun. The WB is rerunning Supernatural during the summer, so I called [profile] carolfish and she called up [profile] angelstart[profile] and we did a 3 way convo for the episode, then continued on into the night while we watched more. We started a tally of the number of times Dean licks his lips in an episode, and so far the average is about 7 times an eppy. It also depends on how happy the episode is. In Something Wicked, he only licked his lips 3 times, but in Hell House it was a whopping 11 times!

That was a blast. Then, at midnight, I drove out to Grafton to pick up [personal profile] soulless_lover because Friday morning, she had her PASS program at Kent State. We came back to my house after I picked her up from work and started watching a few of her old X-Men VHS tapes that she had made when she was younger and the cartoon was on the air. I was falling asleep, though, so I went and took a 3 hour nap before we had to get up and go to the Student Center.

I got to play "family member" for the day, and managed to email my band director during the slew of downtime I had while she took her placement tests. She then went to her advisor and I checked out X-men comics that the Bookstore sells and when she was done, she had good news. She managed to score so high on the English placement test that she doesn't have to take ANY english classes. I HATE HER. I spent 5 semesters trying to complete my english requirements, and she manages to do it in one test that she took after being awake for 24 hours. *sigh*

Anyway, after we were done, and finished yelling at fucking student financial aid bitches, we went home and slept. We woke up at about 11pm and it was Logan who greeted me. He taught me how to do some yoga and other exercizes, then we went grocery shopping until 2am, when we went on the Wal-Mart Run From Hell. Basically, I couldn't remember which area Wal-Mart was open 24 hours, so we went to 3 before I remembered which one it was and then got lost on the way there. We finally managed to make it though and now I know where it is. Yay for me! After leaving for the grocery store at midnight, we didn't make it back until 4:30am, and I had to work at noon. But we hadn't eaten, either, so Logan made steak and potatoes while I picked a movie, and then we settled down to watch Once Upon a Time in Mexico.

Have I mentioned that I like steak and potatoes? I think I'm Irish at heart. The problem was, I took a HUGE piece of steak and gulped it down, and it managed to get lodged in my esphogus. I wasn't choking, and I could breathe, but it seriously felt like something was stuck. You ever take a big mouthful of bread or bun or something and try to swallow it and it goes really slow, and then you take a drink of water and it pushes it down and you feel relief? That's what this was like, except that when I tried to take a drink of water, I couldn't swallow it and I had to go throw it all up into the toilet. Unfortunately the blockage wouldn't come out and it was REALLY painful. I sat wondering what to do and trying to puke it up, but it wasn't coming, so I called my mom at 6 in the morning to ask her advice. Talking to her calmed me down and she assured me I didn't need to go to the hospital since I wasn't choking. I finally managed to get it down and into my stomach by gulping down water really fast and hard. And there was Logan being all nice and getting me things and helping me while I'm being little miss Drama of the year.

But it turned out ok, and after going back out and cutting small pieces while chewing each one 50 times, I finished my dinner and got so tired that I went to sleep.

I woke up and went to work, then came back at 4pm to find him still asleep. I played WoW for a while and when he woke up, he got emily and she and I went out to eat with my mother. Then we went to Target to replace Logan's hat that my kittens had destroyed, and went to Best Buy after that to pick up X1 and X2. When we got home we totally camped out on my futon and watched both movies.... and I'm hooked. The sad thing is that I really don't like the comics all that much. There's just something about comic books that I've never liked... and I think it's because  you don't get a good sense of what's going on. You see someone trying to hit someone else, but it's hard to tell if they hit or not, and there's little sound effects that don't make sense in my head everywhere... I mean when you punch someone you don't normally think "Oo I punched him, it sounded like FWOOP!" Plus with the action drawings, it's hard for me to figure out what's going on.

But seeing the movies where I can get a good sense of character, and the action is easy to follow, plus I can get a real life face for the characters... I'm in. I love the movies... and Hugh Jackman just rocks my world as Wolverine. Which is funny cuz I don't find him nearly as cool and attractive when he doesn't have the hair and the burns. He just looks like your normal, 6'2" guy, who can sing and dance. He's funny, and seems like a REALLY nice guy, plus he's EXTREMELY talented (have you ever heard him sing?!) but he just doesn't do it for me like he does when he's playing Wolvie.

So yeah. After watching the movies, I was understanding X3 a WHOLE LOT BETTER, and wanted to see it again, but by that time is was about 4am again. So I went to sleep and slept like a rock for 12 hours. When I got up emily said Logan apparently had gone for a walk in the wee hours of the morning while I was sleeping, and got made fun of by a bunch of drunk college kids. It didn't surprise me, as my neighbors have less than nice habits, but also kinda made me laugh. Then em called her dad to try and get him to put money in her bank account for her, but he was being uncooperative ("No I can't do that, I'll give it to you in person, so fi you want it drive over to Berea") so we drove to Berea and took care of that, along with em buying herself some booze that I most definitely didn't touch because I'm under 21, and we went to see X3 again. This time Logan was out, and that was fun, watching a movie with himself in it. I managed to find the guy who people on the internet are calling Gambit , and if it WAS him, I'm SO disappointed, cuz he looked like a stupid ugly tall guy in an overcoat and a wig (I've been reading em's comics so I'm learning who other people are, and I definitely like Gambit best, second to Wolvie, so far)

Then we went back to em's apartment and Logan made some fish that was fantastically good, and we watched Troy before conking out. (I was actually impressed with Troy, as they didn't change as much of it was I assumed they would... with the exception of "Oh it's Orlando Bloom so we have to give him fight scenes, even though Paris never lifted a finger in the real story") By the time we woke up on Monday em had to go to work, so I drove home and messed around online.

The rest of this week I've been working non-stop, and am waiting for an email from my band director to see if he has any music picked out that I can come in and copy for him for Marching Band yet. Other than that, Communiversity Band starts next week which I'm excited about, and I'm feeling really good about school next year again, cuz I managed to get my schedual squared away. I'm at the pre-school excitement phase that I get every year after I schedual for classes, so yay!

And I did see a counselour, but she referred me to a different one (who happens to be the same one I used to have years ago) and they've yet to call me back about when she's free for a new appointment. I'm planning on calling them too.

Plus I'm really starting to get deeply involved with the Student Group of the Ohio Gamer's Organization at Kent State, which is gonna be crazy if JR keeps micromanaging things like he is. He really needs to understand that if the student group is going to exist, it's going to be WITHOUT his involvement because he's not a student, and his face is HATED throughout the administration on campus. We're starting in a hole that I have to dig us out of BECAUSE of him, and now he's trying to tell me that I have to do things his way. Well I'm sorry, but I'm involved in a student group on Kent State already, I know how it works and for the most part what I need to do, and we're going to have a struggle succeeding with his ideals and problems that he's given us, let alone trying to be competition to a gaming student group already on campus.

/rant off

That's about it for now... though I'm planning on getting together with Pet again sometime in the next few weeks, but it depends on what she says and other things too. Whee!


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