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Suffice to say, life has become stupidly stressful and almost all plans are off for the month.

My roommate who was supposed to be living with me until next May moved out last Saturday. I was happy cuz I like living alone. Little did I know this spelled my own doom. My landlady called yesterday and told me that if I can't find another roommate in 30 days, she will be forced to make me leave.

I'm already looking into both legal counsel and alternative methods of housing as we speak. I really don't want to talk or think about this anymore. I'm just bringing it up because it's what I'm going to be dealing with for the next month, thus anything like NaNo has ground to a halt for the time being and I'm going to be immersing myself in things to help me forget while I'm waiting for word from the places I've contacted.

I also really really have to start putting my portfolio together. It's due in December and I've been too busy to do it before now, even though I told myself I'd really work on it in October. Funny how Tech Week and no money fucks all your plans.

So #1 priority is finding a new place to live. #2 priority is putting together my portfolio. #3 is getting an oil change. #4 is everything else.

So on to immersing myself in things that take my mind of my troubles.

Single Father was amazing. I really loved the ending to the series. The whole thing, despite what I said earlier, was very well written and I quite enjoyed it. I need to re-watch the whole thing in order at once, but it essentially is a welcome distraction from the issues of my life while I focus on the issues of Dave's. Plus I get the shallow fangirl bonus of seeing lots of David Tennant's chest.

I really loved the scene with Paul and Dave near the end, where they talk about religion. It's so hard for me to relate to religious characters because I am so anti-religion, but they never really brought it up just how religious Paul was until now. He had just joined the choir earlier. But he'd been my favorite of the kids since the beginning, probably because in the very beginning his brother goes "Dad's a fag!" and Paul responds with "What's wrong with that?" Plus he reminds me of me at that age to a large extent. But the religion thing... I just loved how Dave handled it. His amazement that Paul would know his stuff so well. His willingness to put things into a religious perspective for his conflicted son, while being non-religious himself. That is hard to do. And finally, how he tells him that no matter what, he should stick to his guns. I don't know why it was such a resonating moment for me, but it was and I'm glad I watched the show.

I rewatched Hook tonight for the first time since I was a child. Wow did I miss a number of adult jokes. During the insult trading scene with Rufio, Peter at one point calls him a "Near-sighted Gynaecologist". I also got happiness out of one of Wendy's lines at the beginning which references a quote from the book that we painted on the giant drop for the show that opens Saturday. (It's about blowing out the stars.) I had completely forgotten the scene where Peter and Tinkerbell make out... I think I blocked that out when I was a kid. ("Why is Tink big? Why is she kissing Peter? That didn't really happen.") Gwyneth Paltrow also makes a cameo as young Wendy which made me giggle.

I also came to a realization about two things. First, I am presently attracted to Julia Roberts as Tinkerbell and am wondering if this is where my attraction to spunky women with short hair started? Second, when Peter lands after flying for the first time, the camera zooms up to his tights-clad calves. Tonight, I went, "Ohhh man look at his calves! It's calves porn!" This has now made me wonder if my obsession with men's calves through stockings started thanks to this movie? I mean, I was six years old when I saw it. Those are very formative years, aren't they?

Yeah, weird realizations I had. Anyway, bedtime. More talking later.
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