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Dear Republicans,

I am writing to express my outrage about a phrase I keep hearing over and over again by both voting Republicans as well as members running for election, "Under Obama, we are losing our freedom." I have heard versions of this repeatedly both in interviews given on NPR as well as from those running for office, yet no one ever explains what it means. In his Super Tuesday speech given in Steubenville, Ohio last night, Rick Santorum said, "Ladies and gentlemen, this is the beginning of the end of freedom in America. Once the government has control of your life, then they got you."

You say you're in favor of smaller government. That you don't want the government to involve itself in your daily life. And yet your party seems to be incredibly interested in doing just that. I don't even need to provide links for your continual interest in inserting your government into women's vaginas or your overwhelming desire to stick your government into the bedrooms of Americans. That's common knowledge. What might be less known is your trying to legislate specifically who is allowed to raise children. What about your efforts to control what words Americans are not allowed to say? You have even gone as far as legislating for the government to control what bathrooms Americans can use!

If any party is trying to cause America to lose its Freedom, it is yours. I beg you to re-examine how your privilege is causing you to destroy the lives of everyone who doesn't share that privilege.


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See: Subject. Instead of sleeping, I decided to update my "Characters I've Played" Document and included dates! Clearly I'm jonesing for some roleplay action and am homesick at the same time.

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May. 4th, 2011 12:06 am
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So I could go into all my fears and stressors about life and the future and my fucking ex-landlady who stole $650 from me and I have little hope of getting back anymore, but instead I'm going to go the other way and try to be happy and nerd-gasm for a little bit.

First off, I miss you people. I miss LJ and I miss writing and roleplaying and I miss the internet. The reason I'm not on AIM or the roleplaying websites I used to frequent anymore is because I've moved into a house with a ton of roommates who I like and enjoy spending time with. The thought of secluding myself in my bedroom and sitting at the computer is really unappealing to me, yet I miss talking with people and mostly: roleplaying. I'm going through a lull right now in my gaming where I don't have enough money to afford to keep up with my computer/console games, my internet connection is not good enough to play WoW, and my roommates and other friends, while fun and engaging, are not gamers. Therefore I'm stuck doing what everyone else wants to do and not enough of what I do, though I feel drawn to spent time with them.

So, just know that I am thinking about you, friends, and perhaps someday I will make it online to spend some time with you.

Doctor Who continues to wow me with its awesomeness. The first two episodes of Season 6 blew me away and I'm so excited to watch a whole season in real-time with everyone else. I won't go into theories I have, mostly because I'm so amazed by Moffat that I can't even begin to form any credible theory, but it's definitely taking me for a wild ride. I'm surprised to find that I still miss David Tennant, though. It took me an entire season to warm to him after Eccleston, but once I got on his train, I was on it. I definitely am on Matt Smith's train, and I do enjoy him thoroughly, but I keep watching the show with a little bit of *wibble* for the past. It might be because Moffat took the show in such a different direction that it almost doesn't feel like it's the same show.

Not that I'm complaining! I feel like Doctor Who has been elevated into whole new levels of concept and (like I said earlier) it blows me out of the water. I'm absolutely enjoying myself.

Maybe it's the suit. I think I miss the suit most. And the coat.

I am also gearing up for Torchwood. I'm SO EXCITED for new Torchwood, and not only because the current status quo in the fandom seriously needs to be shaken up. I swear, I've almost given up reading new Janto fics because they're ALL the same. The only ones I even bother to click on are by certain authors and it's gotten to the point where I can identify the Character!Hate authors by name so I can avoid them like the plague. Unfortunately they seem to be the most prolific as of late, which I really don't understand. Just how many ways are there to write the same story about how much you love so and so while simultaneously bashing another character?

In other news, I'm kinda excited for this summer's movies as well... I'm pretty meh about Thor, honestly, but Fast Five looks awesome! (The Rock and Vin Diesel in the same movie?!?!? Hellz yes!) I am currently working with a guy who was a swordfighter in the new Pirates movie, which I'm excited to see, and then I can finally watch Harry Potter 7: Part 1 in preparation for part 2!! Last year, I refused to see it and repeat the mistake I made with Pirates 2 and 3. That year in-between was dumb.

Yeah, lots of fandom fun to look forward to. :)

Right now, other than Doctor Who, I'm still riding my Dragon Age II train, though I have no one to share that with. But I've kinda sorta fallen in love with my own character, which I've never done before... but I'm really enjoying it. I think it's because I can't custom tailor what he's going to say... I click the type of answer then he says the specific words, so there's a level of disassociation involved. Plus, this is my second time through and I've already played the "Me" character. He was supposed to be my "opposite" so I can learn what happens when I make the other choices, but he's really grown on me and now I'm only doing certain things differently. I'll do the bastard character next. (Last time I did that, I ended up killing most of the surface world. It was actually really fun to do everything "wrong".)

Well that's enough of a wall of dialogue from me. Have a good evening, if there's anyone even reading this anymore. Lol
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It's been a while again.

I moved from that terrible place in Casmalia sooner than I thought I would thanks to my landlady letting me know 4 days before her final day that she (ergo "we") was (were) getting evicted. She also didn't have enough money to pay me back the $400 security deposit, nor the pro-rated rest of the month money that I was losing out on. If my mother hadn't been able to put a quick couple hundred in my account I seriously would have been homeless. I'm looking into either pressing charges or suing her to get the money back, but I learned I can't sue her without her address and all I know is that she's living at her mother's house. And I don't know her maiden name.

Since then, I moved into the place where a co-worker and friend lives with no problems at all. She was a life saver in asking her landlord if I could live there. This place is so much better based on the people who live here as well as the room. I have a queen sized bed for the first time ever! It's also a really nice house in a very nice neighbourhood. The only downside is my cats have to stay in my bedroom with me, but it's a fairly large room so they're doing fine.

Pride and Prejudice build went really well, and I've recently been on a turning kick. Our Master Carpenter tried to raise shop morale (which had been down in the shit hole thanks to a series of dumb decisions from above for 2 weeks) by teaching us how to use the lathe. So far I'm the only one who is really truly into it. I've made 2 bowls and a goblet so far and I'm planning on making more whenever I have the chance. I love turning so much... it's fun and addictive. I'm not looking forward to the time when I leave and am forced away from Bart, his incredible knowledge, and his awesome tools.

At the beginning of April we went hiking at this place off the CA 154 called "The Playground". It's really just a wide open area full of rock formations and boulders. We essentially were bouldering the entire time. Even though the weather was pretty terrible, it was absolutely fantastic. My sense of direction prevailed and we went through rocks for a time, then decided to go back a different route and got ourselves deep into a lush bushy foresty area and had to climb ourselves out and back up to where we began. It was all about teamwork and so much fun.

The other thing I've done this month was have a mini-vacation down in Long Beach. We went to a Gay Bar (the first time I ever have) and I felt so much at home. I think I've decided, in a way, what I'm looking for in a relationship, and was pleased to see that it might even be possible. I've come to accept that I have had significant gender dysphoria my entire life and it has deeply affected me and how I live. Society has been forcing me to put labels on myself, which I try to resist and hate, but last year I felt like the closest way to describe me is as a gay man in a woman's body. That's not entirely accurate, as I am attracted to women as well, but it's the closest to what I truly desire in a relationship. I've also come to realize that almost all men are not looking for that sort of relationship with a biological woman, which is why all my heterosexual relationships have been disastrous. Thus, I think I've decided that my ideal person is another woman with at least a certain amount of gender dysphoria of her own. That way we can be men when we want to be and women when we don't and be relatively on the same page. (Which is, incidentally, why I've always been drawn to people I meet through fandom. When I'm roleplaying a male character with another male character, that's essentially what I want to be able to do all the time in real life as well, thus why I repeatedly attempt to turn roleplaying relationships into RL ones. Not that I'm judging that, though. Some of my best and most honest-to-myself moments have been in those type of relationships. I just wish I could meet someone who isn't already married, lol!)

I've been doing a bit of thinking over the past couple months, if you couldn't tell.

Anyway, I'm about to go to the Doctor to have the whole shit ton of bug bites I've somehow acquired looked at, but I may post more later. I'm sorry I'm so wishy-washy on posting.
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So it's been cold and rainy here for the past two days, but on the plus side, I saw two beautiful rainbows today. Sometimes I love this place.

I didn't drive into town today to save money, and spent the day making more icons for my Time Agent OC over on Insanejournal. His PB is Nolan Gerard Funk who I saw on Castle a couple years ago and loved him. However I can't find any icons of the man, so I cropped my own.

Feel free to take/change/use. They're literally just 100x100 pixel crops from photos I google!imaged. I did nothing to them.

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So I have a bunch to talk about but I'm severely tired and it's already 11:30pm, with work tomorrow morning. Suffice to say, I have moved into a crazy backwoods village about 20 minutes away from work and looking for a new place quickly lol.

That said: Oh 30 day Memes, why do I start you?

This is a Doctor Who one. We'll see if I complete it. I may just end up doing a bunch at a time, so I actually finish it. But yes. Here goes.

Day 1 - Favourite Incarnation of the Doctor )

Day 2 - Favourite Companion
Day 3 - Favourite Villain/Monster/Alien/Baddie of the Week
Day 4 - Favourite Character
Day 5 - Favourite Guest Star
Day 6 - Least Favourite Character
Day 7 - Favourite Episode
Day 8 - Favourite Series
Day 9 - Least Favourite Episode
Day 10 - Favourite Scene/Moment
Day 11 - Scene/Moment that makes you cry
Day 12 - Scene/Moment that makes you giggle
Day 13 - Favourite Era visited by The Doctor & Co.
Day 14 - Fave Doctor Moment
Day 15 - Fave Rose Moment
Day 16 - Fave Martha Moment
Day 17 - Fave Donna Moment
Day 18 - Fave Amy Moment
Day 19 - Favorite Ship
Day 20 - Prettiest Scene
Day 21 - Favourite Location
Day 22 - Something Silly
Day 23 - Something Epic
Day 24 - Favourite Accessory of the Doctor's
Day 25 - Favourite Tardis Team
Day 26 - Scene/Moment that made you go 'awww'
Day 27 - Scene/Moment that made you go 'argh'
Day 28 - Favourite Series Arc
Day 29 - Favourite Music/Song
Day 30 - Why Do YOU Love Doctor Who
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Still no news on the housing front. The two places I emailed from craigslist haven't gotten back to me. :(

Yesterday I played WoW for about 13 hours, increasing my iLvl from about 320 to 339 in one day. Not half bad, if I do say so myself. Unfortunately now I'm stuck in that point of having shitty gear in heroics, with the only way to get better gear by doing heroics. Thus, I lose groups faster than dead skin cells cuz I can't heal all that great with this shitty shitty gear. And I hate healing 5 mans anyway. I've been tempted to just queue as Shadow, but I did one like that last night and my DPS sucks as well. Basically, I'm already depressed about WoW because I suck and my friends are never on when I am.

I've been having fun through the TARDIS RPG, though I changed characters. I'm now playing Post-Utopia Jack Harkness, currently chained in the bottom of the Valiant. My Jack!Muse is being hyperactive, however, as I had to check myself during work last week when I realized I was making far too many inappropriate jokes. Ah well. My co-workers (and even bosses) are really cool about that type of stuff. We even have a running joke about "Sexual Harassment Friday" where inappropriate jokes are allowed on Fridays... and if they're made during the week you just have to say "Oh, oops, it's not Friday, is it?" and that pretty much makes it okay. I love my workplace sometimes.

I'm re-working my portfolio slowly, but next weekend is the So-Cal USITT job fair, so I need it done by then. I don't have any worries about that though, especially since I have tomorrow off as well thanks to MLK day.

I watched the 2005 version of The Producers yesterday, and mostly liked it. It was odd seeing Will Farrell in a movie that wasn't a Will Farrell movie, but he wasn't completely off-putting. The best part, though, was definitely a bleach blond John Barrowman singing Springtime For Hitler. That made me laugh so hard. I love that man.

I've also been reading everything on the Torchwood_Kinkandseek list for impact play. It's an AMAZING list of as many spanking Torchwood pieces as they could find. It hasn't been updated since November, 2010, but it's still amazing. The link for the list is here.

Other than Branwen Blaidd's stuff, which is always amazing, the one I just read yesterday was a piece called "Green" by [ profile] wired_lizard. It is SO HOT.
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Things change pretty quickly in my life apparently.

My landlady has now, out of the blue, declared the 30 days notice to be official, in writing too after I told her it wouldn't technically count unless she handed me a piece of paper. I'm glad she looked into the legality of asking me to leave before doing it. >.<

So now I'm definitely being forced to find a new place to live. This is going to be difficult because it must meet certain criteria:

Be at or below $500/month
Allow 2 cats
Be furnished.

Mom and I have discussed shipping some of my furnature from home out to me so that I don't have to worry about the third one too excessively. Really I'd just want my couch and a dresser, because I can buy a cheapo table for my computer it I must. The biggest inconvenience there would be the lack of TV, as I will be unable to play my PS3. Though maybe I could hook that up to my computer monitor? I dunno.

Either way this is a reality now.

In other news, the other thing I must get done this month is to re-do my portfolio in preparation of the Southern California USITT Job Fair on Jan. 22. So I've got 11 days to get that done too. I should have done that last week, but forgot about it completely. Ah well.

And in further news, I've been listening to the Doctor Who Soundtracks from Seasons 1-4 including the Tennant specials. I had known that I loved the song that plays over Tennant's regeneration but didn't know anything about it until I found that it's in Latin! It's called Vale Decem (Farewell, Ten) and I love it so much more now. It still makes me cry.

That said, since re-watching Season 5 a couple times in preparation of the Christmas Special, I have really come to love Eleven. I can't wait for the new season! Though I don't know how Moffit will top Season 5. It was just so well put together. The finale still gives me shivers because it is SO cool.

Oh, and I chopped off all my hair. This makes me ridiculously happy every time I look in the mirror. I think it looks fantastic.
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So I'm back home again in CA. The flight wasn't completely terrible, but the drive back was ridiculous. It took me 5 hours to drive from LAX to Carpinteria, which should normally take 90 minutes. I was in traffic that wavered between stopped completely and 3 miles per hour the ENTIRE way between Oxnard and Carpinteria. I ended up renting a motel room there and spending the night because I was going to pieces in my car.

Since I've been home, I've been enjoying myself by roleplaying as Ten II (John Noble) in a InsaneJournal based Doctor Who RPG (at least until it went down yesterday...) and playing WoW. I also met up in person with a woman I met through a website yesterday and we spent the whole afternoon together. It was fantastic. I hope to see her again. (Unfortunately she's not looking for a LTR, as well as being quite a bit older than me, but I figure I'm moving away in August so us just spending innocent time together now is probably better for both of us.)

I still have a list of things to do before I go back to work Monday, which I'm also really NOT looking forward to, but I'm procrastinating. Meh. It's only Wednesday.

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Dec. 26th, 2010 04:16 pm
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I'm at my mom's house right now for the holiday season and it's going pretty well. I hate flying and the flight here was no disappointment- there was Star Trek level turbulence the entire way. The only good part was breaking through the clouds in Cleveland and seeing everything again, covered in snow but still recognizable. I missed my home state.

Christmas Eve went nicely with seeing everyone again. I missed my friends so much and got a bit too drunk at our annual Christmas Eve Bar reunion, giving me a hangover yesterday, but it didn't last all day. Seeing the family again was lovely as well and I got to play a bunch of new board and card games with them. Then, after Mom got tired and I drove her home, I went back over to Ben's and finished my character for a Warhammer 40k Dark Heresy game that Sean has decided to run for the next week.

I missed gaming with them SOoooo much. It was fantastic. Supposedly they want to attempt to play over Vent when we all go back to our respective home states, which I hope works out. I'm worried that me being 3 hours behind everyone will be too inconvenient, but we'll see.

In other news, they've pretty much convinced me to start up playing World of Warcraft again. I think I may buy it and see if I really want to stick with it again or not. Mostly I would just be playing for them though, and once again, if the time difference didn't work out, I'd probably drop it again.

I'm here for the next week and have plans to continue gaming with my friends, as well as a couple meetings with Fraternity Brothers, besides watching Doctor Who with my Mom. She's in the middle of the second season and I hope to make it at least to the end of the third by the time I leave. She is a fan of Captain Jack as much as I am and I want to watch her reaction to the end of Last of the Time Lords in person. We just watched Doctor Who At The Proms together, and though she hasn't seen Season 5 yet, it was wonderful to watch it with her. I'm planning on watching the Christmas Episode either tonight or tomorrow with my friends, but just haven't gotten to it yet.

So yes, this is my happy feel-good positive things post! Yay for being home and being with my friends again. They're like a warm blanket I can wrap myself up in.
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Dear Fandom,

I know I'm mostly a lurker, with a few comments every now and then, but seriously, all this hate needs to stop. I'm getting really sick of checking the communities to see people urging others to hate on specific characters, OR EVEN ENCOURAGE A BOYCOT OF THE UPCOMING NEW SEASON. If you're really a fan of the show, wouldn't you stick with it, no matter what? Or am I alone in feeling that the creator is allowed to tell the stories that he wants to tell? It's kinda his creation, after all. He's also kinda being paid to write it and you're not. That's why they invented fanfiction.

Also, reading a fic of my favorite pairing, only to be assaulted by CHARACTER!HATE instead of the certain pairing I clicked the link for is getting old. Yes, I'm glad you hate that character. Good for you. But do you really have to insert your hate into a story where the plot you've written has nothing to do with said character?

Besides, all this hate is what causes the writers and actors to hate fandom and gives us a bad name. Why would you want your so-called heroes to think so poorly of you?

Can't we all just be accepting of the stories and characters they give us? Or at the very least, could you keep it inside your friends-locked personal journal so I don't have to have your rain cloud of hate ruin my happiness parade of love?

May love and good attitudes prevail,


P.S.: Also, if you could PLEASE keep your Character!Hate out of comments, that would be awesome. I just read a light, fluffy, feel-good piece that was COMPLETELY ruined by the first comment, chock-full of Character!Hate. For fucks sake, people.
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So I've not been away from LJ, really... I just haven't been posting.

Mostly because I'm tired and don't really want to update. And probably partly because I'm a little depressed in general, thus lacking motivation.

I'm still in my Doctor Who phase and the story I was writing is now several parts over 25k words total. I didn't exactly make NaNo, but for me that's damn good. Unfortunately I also haven't finished the first long story and probably won't for a while. See: Depression/Motivation issues above.

I'm also almost finished with my portfolio that is due on December 20th, but going for a trial run this weekend (!) at a Film and Television Expo in LA. A group of us are going down and attempting to network. We'll see how that goes.

Work is going ok. After two weeks of literally nothing to do, we're now swamped. >.< Poor poor planning due to bosses and designers.

Also, my landlady has decided she likes having me live here and is not requiring me to move. There is another girl interested in the other room, but no word on if she's planning on accepting it or not. We'll see.

Basically I'm depressed because I'm homesick and starting to worry about being jobless next August. Which is silly... there's nothing I can do about that right now anyway. Everyone is hiring for the summer season right now, which I already have a job for. But it's still a stress in the back of my mind. This is one major downside of my field... you never have constant work. I'm only starting to realize just how much of a stress bucket that is. ("Stress bucket" is now my new term. Spellcheck didn't like "Stressor" so I was forced to come up with something new.)

Yeah. Sorry I'm so down in all my posts. It's that time of the season, I guess.

I resolve to post good things next time.

Oh, one good thing right now. Thanks to This Karen Gillan picspam I am now doubly in love with that woman. I have never crushed on anyone younger than me before. It's a little weird for me. But she is GORGEOUS. Unf.
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Suffice to say, life has become stupidly stressful and almost all plans are off for the month.

My roommate who was supposed to be living with me until next May moved out last Saturday. I was happy cuz I like living alone. Little did I know this spelled my own doom. My landlady called yesterday and told me that if I can't find another roommate in 30 days, she will be forced to make me leave.

I'm already looking into both legal counsel and alternative methods of housing as we speak. I really don't want to talk or think about this anymore. I'm just bringing it up because it's what I'm going to be dealing with for the next month, thus anything like NaNo has ground to a halt for the time being and I'm going to be immersing myself in things to help me forget while I'm waiting for word from the places I've contacted.

I also really really have to start putting my portfolio together. It's due in December and I've been too busy to do it before now, even though I told myself I'd really work on it in October. Funny how Tech Week and no money fucks all your plans.

So #1 priority is finding a new place to live. #2 priority is putting together my portfolio. #3 is getting an oil change. #4 is everything else.

So on to immersing myself in things that take my mind of my troubles.

Single Father was amazing. I really loved the ending to the series. The whole thing, despite what I said earlier, was very well written and I quite enjoyed it. I need to re-watch the whole thing in order at once, but it essentially is a welcome distraction from the issues of my life while I focus on the issues of Dave's. Plus I get the shallow fangirl bonus of seeing lots of David Tennant's chest.

I really loved the scene with Paul and Dave near the end, where they talk about religion. It's so hard for me to relate to religious characters because I am so anti-religion, but they never really brought it up just how religious Paul was until now. He had just joined the choir earlier. But he'd been my favorite of the kids since the beginning, probably because in the very beginning his brother goes "Dad's a fag!" and Paul responds with "What's wrong with that?" Plus he reminds me of me at that age to a large extent. But the religion thing... I just loved how Dave handled it. His amazement that Paul would know his stuff so well. His willingness to put things into a religious perspective for his conflicted son, while being non-religious himself. That is hard to do. And finally, how he tells him that no matter what, he should stick to his guns. I don't know why it was such a resonating moment for me, but it was and I'm glad I watched the show.

I rewatched Hook tonight for the first time since I was a child. Wow did I miss a number of adult jokes. During the insult trading scene with Rufio, Peter at one point calls him a "Near-sighted Gynaecologist". I also got happiness out of one of Wendy's lines at the beginning which references a quote from the book that we painted on the giant drop for the show that opens Saturday. (It's about blowing out the stars.) I had completely forgotten the scene where Peter and Tinkerbell make out... I think I blocked that out when I was a kid. ("Why is Tink big? Why is she kissing Peter? That didn't really happen.") Gwyneth Paltrow also makes a cameo as young Wendy which made me giggle.

I also came to a realization about two things. First, I am presently attracted to Julia Roberts as Tinkerbell and am wondering if this is where my attraction to spunky women with short hair started? Second, when Peter lands after flying for the first time, the camera zooms up to his tights-clad calves. Tonight, I went, "Ohhh man look at his calves! It's calves porn!" This has now made me wonder if my obsession with men's calves through stockings started thanks to this movie? I mean, I was six years old when I saw it. Those are very formative years, aren't they?

Yeah, weird realizations I had. Anyway, bedtime. More talking later.


Oct. 30th, 2010 12:53 am
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Tech week blows. It's not even real tech week... this week is the week they're teching the flying choreography and such with all the hoists, harnessess and other such stuff. Next week is real tech week.

I'll probably describe this week in more detail later, but I'm on day 13 of 14 days working in a row, and most of the past 5 days were 12 hours or more. I also have to work tomorrow, then I might get Sunday, depending, then I get to work all next week as well.

Tech blows.

Also, my roommate told me yesterday that she's moving out tomorrow. I guess I'm getting my wish of living alone. LOL. I don't think she's even told our landlady. I'm not mentioning it until she comes to pick up the rent check on Monday.

And I drempt last night that the 10th Doctor was accidentally merged with my body somehow, so I started wearing his suit (!) and managed to save a bunch of people from certain death. After I saved them, the power of my goodwill was enough to release the Doctor from inside my conciousness. As thanks for being a good person while he was trapped inside my brain, he leaned over and kissed me. My evil cock-blocking subconscious finally allowed me a kiss, with David Tennant no less. It was so vivid, I even remember the softness of his lips upon my own.

Then he got in the Tardis and disappeared, leaving me on the sidewalk with an exciting adventure that no one would ever believe, al la Sally Sparrow... but oh well. I got a kiss. Sometimes I do actually like my dreams.

In other news, stolen from [ profile] insaneboingo.

List 20 things that you are, starting with "I am a ...".
Do not leave out the "a" or "an" in your statements.

I am a very tired theatre technician. )
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Waiting for Single Father episode 3...

I finished my project for Peter Pan this week on Thursday, which left me open for something else. Scenery is actually done, but Props are waaay behind, so I was assigned three prop projects at once! I managed to complete only one of them but made quite a distance at the other two and was only stopped because they hadn't found fabric or items yet, which has nothing to do with me. I'm pretty proud of this, as they were my first prop assignments at a professional level and everyone was very pleased with them. The two people in charge of props have mentioned to me that they would love for me to work for them next summer which I'm so excited about because I'm so interested in it and would love to gain that experience. (No official offers though since there's no set budget or anything yet. They said I'd hear about it in December)

Next week is going to suck... well tomorrow and Tuesday will at any rate because we're loading in all the flying equipment for Peter Pan, Wendy, John, and Michael to the theatre. I HATE putting big stupidly heavy things into the air. It terrifies me and I want nothing to do with it. Unfortunate it's part of my job, and right now our hours are looking like they're going to be from 8am to 10pm both days. How I wish I was being paid by the hour. Thus why next week is going to suck.

Today was good though. I did a ton of cleaning and rode my bike in the rain for about 30 minutes. It was fantastic! I love rain. I was in a terrible mood this morning, then did that and cheered up considerably.

Also today I wrote a complete mini-fic to compliment my WIP self-indulgent fic that's up to 20 pages and about 9000 words. The mini-fic is 2000 words but I'm stupidly happy with it. The idea came to me today in a blink of the eye and I just sat and wrote the whole thing. It also came with another idea too, and I'm probably going to write that out sometime when I'm not getting ready to go to bed. Plus I spent a day last week thinking about a whole other story for my self-indulgent fic, which is apparently turning into my first ever series. I have a whole plot summary written for that story and plan on writing it out as soon as I'm done with the first one. I'm about half-way through the first one, plot-wise, right now and really enjoying it.

It's so nice to be writing again, even if it is self-indulgent dribble.

Finally, I'd enrolled in a blacksmithing class through the college and we had our first class last Friday. Though we only went through safety things and introductions, I know I'm really going to enjoy it. I'm so excited to start next week.


Oct. 18th, 2010 06:06 am
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My lovely cats woke me up at 4:30am this morning and for some reason I can't get back to sleep. So, instead I watched part 2 of Single Father and am now in a funny mood.

Single Father talk with some spoilers )

Edit: I forgot the other thing I wanted to mention. That self-indulgent fic I was talking about last time? It's up to around 7,500 words. 17 pages in MSWord. This is officially the longest thing I've ever written, and I'm not even halfway through yet. It's so strange to me as well, because I'm just letting it flow. I have everything worked out (more or less) in my head and am just writing it all down as if I'm dictating. I've never written like this before and I think it's because I've never LET myself. Either way, I'm very pleased with how it's going.

In other news, I looked into getting a work visa for the UK and learned that I'm probably not going to qualify. It's a point-based system that you have to answer questions for, and I only made 80 points. Granted I didn't fill in the question about the money I've earned in the past 15 months, but that's because technically, according to my government, I've really only made about $2000. The rest is in a non-taxable scholarship form... which I don't think counts. I haven't added it up, yet anyway. Also, they require a sum of about $5000 to be in my bank account for a period of no less than 3 months and not dropping below that amount. Which I don't have... though I could potentially dodge that hurdle with my mom's help. She said she'd be willing to help with that, anyway.

This is seriously depressing me though, because if I don't qualify, I don't go. While it's not a firm block right now, it's enough to make me realize that I need to start thinking about other things as well, instead of only planning for this. But I'd really sorta placed a lot of hope on this move, it feels like now is the right time, and being denied of completing a life-long dream only because of the concept of money is very sad. The thought of staying in theatre in America is so less appealing now... especially because it doesn't feel like it would be nearly as big of an adventure.

I even looked into the fact that I have English blood in my heritage to see if I could qualify for something different like that, but that only counts if it's a parent or grandparent. I guess John Alden of the Mayflower is a bit too far back, huh.


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