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See: Subject. Instead of sleeping, I decided to update my "Characters I've Played" Document and included dates! Clearly I'm jonesing for some roleplay action and am homesick at the same time.

Thread Based RPGs

Hoggies (Circa 1999-2000)
Tavyan Bertholdt- Ravenclaw Alumnus
Chiron the Centaur
Drake Rakal- Ravenclaw Ghost for a term
Lindsey Holloway- Slytherin 6th year (Circa 2007)

From Hoggies I moved on to 2 thread based RPGs run by the same admins way back when. One was a medieval gothic castle named Drell Bakkar and my character's name was Karien Rakal, and then I created the first incarnation of Drake Rakal for the second, called Kenson: City of Destiny. (Circa 2000-2001)

-An X-Men based RPG that I run with a few RL friends where I played Kitty, Bobby, Scott, and Professor X. (Circa 2007) (2008ish)
Star Wars:
Linial Dubrii – Ex-Sith turned Jedi Apprentice
Bobby, Logan (2009ish)
Laena/Leuca- Slave of Gianna in Ancient Greece
Rissa- Werewolf omega
Kelsey- Student
Mariella Casartelli- Wife of Mafia Boss
Zoey from Left 4 Dead
Alistair from Dragon Age

The Loft Chatroom: (2010, 2011)
Connor and Murphy MacManus
Sherlock Holmes (Robert Downey Jr. version)
Captain Jack Harkness
OC: Quences Gabriel Tyler
The 10th Doctor

Various LJ/IJ RPGS: (2010, 2011)
Handypointfive (Doctor John Noble)
Jackinchains (Captain Jack Harkness)
OC: Ainsleytravels (Drake Ainsley)

Yes, I FB roleplayed for a month. No, I’m not proud. It was… different.
Perry Van Shrike (Kiss Kiss Bang Bang) (2010)


Everquest (1998-2006)
Tavyan Bertholdt- lvl 58 Wood Elf Bard
Cenreny- lvl 53 Gnome Rogue (slave of a Dark Elf guild which led to me learning to speak Drow because it’s all they used in guildspeak)
Winkie- lvl 26 Magician (she was based off the house-elf cuz they have different magic than wizards, which is an actual class in EQ)

Star Wars Galaxies (Pre-expansions) (2003ish)
Arrav- Zabrak Rifleman
Aidri- Zabrak Entertainer/Doctor

FFXI (2004ish)
Karah- lvl 8 Monk, lvl 5 White Mage, Warrior, Thief

Everquest Online Adventures (PS2 game) (2004ish)
Bappin- lvl 10 Halfling Rogue

Everquest II (2005ish)
Cenreny- lvl 18 Gnome Assassin (Evil side)
Tavyan- lvl 13 Wood Elf Bard (Good side)

City of Villians(2005ish)
Captain Kitten- Man I don’t even remember… I only played for a few months before my computer rejected it.

World of Warcraft(2004-2011)
Cenreny- lvl 35 Gnome Rogue (Subtlety)
Suuwee – lvl 80 Troll Mage (Frost)
Shonna- lvl 80 Tauren Hunter (Marksmanship)
Callys- lvl 85 Bloof Elf Priest (Holy)

Champions Online (2009ish)
Captain Hammer


D&D (2nd ed converted into 3rd)
Cenreny- lvl 8 Gnome Arcane Trickster (2004)
Tavyan Bertholdt- lvl 3 Half Elf Bard/Thief (1998)
Huarian Sian- lvl 2 Half-Elf Monk (?)
??? – lvl 8 Halfling Rogue/Wizard (2010)

D&D 4th Ed(2010)
Riska Puddlejumper – Halfling Rogue
Callia – Halfling Rogue
An Elf Priest that I only played for one setting and I can’t remember the name.

Shadowrun (2010)
A Street Samurai Elf who was at .1 essence and I can’t remember the name.

Champions 3rd Ed (Marvel Universe) (2009)
Maire Wilson- Granddaughter of Siryn and Deadpool.

Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay (2009 Edition) (2009)
Alanni – Started as an Agent, is now a Zealot

Burning Wheel (2010)
A Noble, Bastard, Criminal, Smuggler who I can’t remember her name.

In Nomine (2010)
??? – Kyriotate of Jean

Exalted (2010)
Syd Highwind – Captain of the Crimson Tide (An all-female pirate ship)

Star Wars (1st ed. D6 system) (2004ish)
Batwe Fakkar- Dead Twi’lek Pilot
A Mon Calamari Force Sensitive Bounty Hunter whose name I can’t remember.

Stormbringer (2004ish)
Aria- Myrrhn Fighter (Can’t remember the actual class name)

Legend of the Five Rings (2004ish)
Suzume- Crab Hiruma Scout

Changeling: The Lost (2008ish)
Autumn Court Elemental

Vampire: The Masquerade (LARP)
Now the funny thing about all of my Vampire characters is that every single character I’ve played (until Jace) had been shoveled at one point in time. It’s really sad because they were all in a Camarilla town, but I managed to get shoveled anyway.
Stirling- 10th Gen Brujah Anarch(dead) (2004ish)
Drake Rakal- 11th Gen (started 12th) Caitiff, Sabbat posing as Cam (2004ish)
Clausa- 9th Gen Brujah (supposed to be a True Brujah but the ST wouldn’t let me, so she acted like it instead) (2004ish)
Luna- 12th Gen Gangel (Shoveled 4 times and turned onto Path of Night… hers is a very interesting story) (2005ish)
Anouk- 12th Gen Ravnos (2005ish)
Jace- 9th Gen City Gangrel, Sabbat turned Anarch (2007ish)
Krista- 11th Gen Nosferatu, Childe of Latrine. Cam (2009ish)
Lilah- 10th Gen Pander, Sabbat (Exploded thanks to the Technocracy, Dark Fate, and my move to CA)(2010)

World of Darkness (LARP)
Aidan- Werewolf Rank 1 Homid Fianna Ragabash (2004ish)
??? - Werewolf Rank 3 Lupus Fianna Theurge (2008ish)
Kairi- Changling Seelie Childing Pooka (Sparrow form) (2005ish)
Wall-Nibbler- Changing Breed Rank 2 Rodens Tunnel-Runner (2005ish)

Vampire: The Requiem (LARP)
Riah- Circle of the Crone Daeva (2008ish)

Paranoia (LARP- yes it does exist)
Jell-O-FUN- Orange Clearance, Housing Preservation and Development and Mind Control, Illuminati, 8 deaths (2005)
We-R-DED- Red Clearance, Armed Forces, Sierra Club, 13 deaths (2nd highest in the game!) (2006)
Fish-Y-FIN – Yellow Clearance, Armed Forces, Death Leopard, 9 deaths (2007)

Prawn! (LARP)
This is the LARP where you actually play in a swimming pool with a fish as a character. It’s great fun, family-friendly, and I recommend it to everyone if you ever get the chance.
Vlad, The Vampire Squid (2005)
Flynn, The Swordfish (2006)

Random Online Games

Quake 3 Arena (2000-2003ish)

Unreal Tournament (2004ish)
A Fluffy Cloud (cuz it makes me laugh when I see “You’ve been killed by A Fluffy Cloud” or “A Fluffy Cloud is on a rampage!”)

Semi-Real Life

The Society for Creative Anachronism (2005)
Yet to be named persona from the 1350’s, member of the Archer’s Guild in the Marche of Gwyntarian in the Midrealm.

Dagorhir (2010)
I'm kinda a new member of Mirkwood, though they're based in Ohio and I'm currently in California.

Then there are a few other WOD LARP characters that I remember playing but I can’t remember names, clans, or tribes, and a few more tabletop characters that I don’t remember much about and didn’t play for very long. Plus I have a plethora of low level characters in all my MMORPGs because if I get to an impassible point or I just get bored I have a tendancy to create a new character and try out the other classes. But yeah. I think that’s all of them.

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