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Day 15 → A fanfic

So, instead of reccing something or linking to a past one, I have just finished a new fic which I am posting here. This is a result of playing 16 hours of DragonAge for 2 days in a row and being sexually frustrated enough to daydream about something like this, then have a night dream as well. I am almost finished with my first play-through... I'm just entering the Fort at the end.

Title: A Lesson In Morals
Fandom/Characters: DragonAge: Origins - Alistair/Female City Elf Rogue Grey Warden
Rating: R
Word count: 2199
Warnings: Corporal Punishment, of course.

Also: SPOILERS for DragonAge. Specifically regarding Alistair's past, Arl Eamon in Redcliffe, and the City Elf Origin.

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Jan. 30th, 2010 06:18 am
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Written for [ profile] hrpf_kinky

Title: Barbeque
Fandom/Characters: Sherlock Holmes RPF - Indio Falconer Downey, Jude Law, with appearances by Robert Downey Jr.
Rating: PG
Warnings: Fluff, Underage drinking O NOES!!!
Prompt: Indio has a crush on Jude (because who doesn't?!)
(I would warn for lolita-ness were there any, don't get scared.)

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Title: Poker
Fandom/Characters: Sherlock Holmes- Watson/Holmes, slight indication of Watson/Mary
Rating: NC17
Warnings: Corporal Punishment
Prompt: Holmes/Watson playin cards and gettin undressed.
( [ profile] sherlockkink Meme pg 24)
Word Count: 1766
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I ficced again. I've never ficced like this before. Then again, I've never had this sort of mind-numbingly boring time on my hands before either.

Title: Bound, Blind, and Belted
Fandom/Characters: Sherlock Holmes- Watson/Holmes
Rating: NC17
Warnings: Corporal Punishment, Minor Asphyxiation, Bondage.
Prompt: Okay, this was actually a culmination of two from [ profile] sherlockkink
#1: Surely anon recalls the scene in the movie where Holmes removes Watson's belt. Upon remembering this scene just now, I realized that we desperately need "erotic asphyxiation with Watson's belt" fic up in here.
So, yeah. I want that. Preferably Holmes as the one being asphyxiated. (Pg 17)
#2: necktie!kink.
Holmes getting tied up by his own (or, okay, Watson's) necktie, and getting fucked hard.
..preferably by Irene. But Watson does okay, too, as long as he bitches about staining the tie in the end. *shot* (Pg 18)
(Sherlock Kink Meme)
Word Count: 1720

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Thanks to [ profile] sherlockkink I have written my first real fic in about a year and a half. Wewt me!

Title: Deterrence
Fandom/Characters: Sherlock Holmes- Holmes/Watson
Rating: NC17
Warnings: Corporal Punishment
Prompt: Holmes/Watson. After Watson loses it all again Holmes tries to come up with a new method to deter him from gambling. (Paddling, caning, spanking--some form of punishment!) Unfortunately, it turns out that maybe this isn't much of a deterrent...
(Sherlock Kink Meme)
Word Count: 2051

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