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Ok! I'm back and bored. So I shall start my long ass posts.

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And that's where I finish for today because I have a huge headache and fever symptoms from my life lesson I just learned about drinking Vodka after eating Pasta Alfredo. Post more tomorrow. Gnite.
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Hurrah. I'm in a good mood. After a horrible joint meeting (bitch must die) and a pretty good active meeting, a bunch of us walked across campus to a car, then drvoe to the stadium and trespassed on the 50 yard line at about midnight. Then we discovered the new walking bridge over Rt. 261 and stargazed for a while, then walked back to the summit east parking lot and talked until 1:30am. Made me really happy cuz it was fun. The only downside was that I lost my house and mailbox key sometime during the fun.... so now I have to search for them when it's light outside. 

In other news, after a shitty spring break full of angst, stuff is better now... and I can't remember if I said anything about it in my last post, but it's worked out for the most part. Still recovering slightly, but feelin good for the most part.

I've fallen head over heels into any pairing involving Lindsey/Christian Kane after realizing how in love with him I really was. God I love that man. I spent all last night digging up old and new fics and RPS involving him and am planning on doing more tonight.

I also realized how much I miss RPing... especially slash rping, so I'm applying for a new RP and learned that the old Hogwarts one I did during highschool is still running, so I was considering applying back there again. I have lots of time on my hands and really really miss forum based RPs. Plus the Hoggies one will be cool if it's the same people running it- they were my first real internet friends and they introduced me to lots of roleplaying/anime stuff. It's through them that I learned what anime was and the one girl got me heavily into Rurouni Kenshin, which I'm still into. 

My kittens are getting bigger and Bailey's voice has changed... Drake's falling behind in the puberty department, but I'm sure him voice will change at some point.

Oh and I've learned how to cook! Ash taught me how to make packet meals while she was here and emily taught me how to combine lots of random stuff to things and still make it taste good. I've made a packet meal on my own, along with my first marinade and even successfully made myself a hamburger from my old molding of ground beef. I'm so proud of myself!

Plus, Tami showed me where I could download a dvd burner thingy and now I'm able to record clips straight to my computer so I can actually start learning how to make my own vids! I'm SO excited! I just have to decide what clips I want to use in the 2 songs I've already picked out, and record them and then learn how to put them together. Hurrah! 

The only scared thing is that my audition for switching to a Music Education majour is next saturday and I havn't practiced since before spring break. But it's kinda sad that when I really think about it, I won't be too unhappy if I fail. I'll just go on to photography or photojournalism or something. I'm kinda on the college trial program. I'll try about 40 things until I find one I like.

Oh well. Time to look up more Lindsey slash. Hurray! 

(I even made my own icon)

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So it's been a while. I made a list cuz there's alot.

First off, the KSU Men's Basketball team became the champions of the MAC tournament this year and went on to the NCAA. That was amazing. At the MAC championship and almost having a heart attack because they let Toledo come back to be within 3 points of tieing the game. But we won and watched our fans charge the floor and celebrate. That was cool. What was cooler was going to Michigan for the NCAA! We had been hoping it would be someplace far away like San Diego, CA or something, but it actually turned out to be good that we only went to MI because not only did we have a load of fans come, but we lost in the first round against Pitt. It was sad having to come back home after only 2 days, but it would have been tons worse having to go back home after only 2 days in San Diego. Even though we lost, our men fought valiently, the refs needed to be shot, and KSU still had an AMAZING season.

As for Kappa Kappa Psi- The candidates are active now, yay for them!! I'm slightly concerned that my little doesn't seem to like his nickname, but I suck at things like that, and it was about all I could think of. :( I'm excited about a D&D game that my one Brother is planning on running for us, cuz I've never played Eberron before and I think it will be fun. Also, the NCD convention was last weekend, and other than having a fever for the entire time and a couple other Brothers getting sick, I had a blast. I went to 3 workshops by myself, (which was kinda sad) participated in them, and really really enjoyed Reading Band this year. Last year it was stop and start, this year we played every piece in our folder all the way through. It was a 100% improvement. We spent alot of time with Toledo (Oh no it's Beta Rho!) a little time with Akron, and enjoyed mingling with brothers from all over the district. Plus the night before convention I had the KKY district council camp out in my apartment, and I believe my cats had a blast in keeping them awake. (Sorry!) I was sad to see the council go, and wish for the best for the next one, because it will be hard to top the Year of the Cock. ( ;) ) Plus MA's final report made our entire chapter cry... In other KKPsi news, I'm planning on running for office next year, though I'm not entirely sure which one I want to go for yet... and it depends on whether I manage to get a chapter office first. 

My kittens are growing. Alot. Both of them have little fat tummies sticking out now, and Bailey managed to get one front paw through his collar. If it had been just a little tighter and in a different place he could have possibly strangled.... which made me have another breakdown and they're not wearing collars anymore. Maybe when they're older. They also killed their first spider, and I was slightly surprised to find myself feeling pity for the spider... watching two kittens torture this little arachnid to death made me realize that Death by Kitten could possibly fall under Cruel and Unusual Punishment. 

[personal profile] soulless_lover has a kidney stone, so love to her, and hope for a speedy recovery. Though she's sitting in my living room right now... she'll possibly see this later ;)

[personal profile] kidcyclone is also currently in my living room, and I made my list about a week and a half ago, so this area was supposed to be reserved for how excited I was going to be to see her, but I think I'll change it to how much I love her and hope she's having a good time.

Job status: None. Application status: 4 submitted. Debt: $1200+. Hope of getting job: Not so much.

"Money?" (that's what's written on my list.) I can't remember what I was going to say about it other than I've got none and owe my mom $1200. A job would be nice. Is there a patron saint of Job Applications?

Spring Break ends in 3 days. I've decided to become a Music Education major... interesting anecdote about that. I've always wanted to be one... I didn't want to leave high school because it meant growing up so teaching was always a possibility. I loved my band director best out of all the teachers I ever had. I've wanted to do this. The Beta Omega class was very supportive... my own Little helped me apply for an audition and has given me tons of advice and info. I announced my plans in a joint meeting and got an applause from TBS (they're all Music Ed majors). I announced my plans in a KKpsi meeting and got groans. I told [personal profile] kidcyclone and she was all for it... I told my mom and she groaned. Why is it that of the 3 people/groups that I care about their opinion most (my Brothers, [personal profile] kidcyclone, my mom), 2 out of the 3 are not supportive and everyone else was more supportive than I've ever seen? Oh well.

Drama needs to be prohibited from the world. I could say everything I'm thinking, but I think I'll save it for a notebook because it could hurt about 8 or 9 people if I just vent and don't consider what I'm saying. I'm sick of fucking drama.


Feb. 21st, 2006 11:12 pm
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Yeah so if anyone wants to know what I've been doing for the past couple weeks, let me make it clear. 


That's about it. The Candidates are on their way to potentially becoming Brothers, and are getting further everyday, and I'm proud of them. Other than that, life's been slightly dull.

However, a little relief was gained 2 weekends ago when [personal profile] soulless_lover came down to my house for the weekend, which was fun times, even though my toilet was clogged for 2 of the 4 days she was here, and then she had an allergic reaction to my cats which sucked... but watching Eddie Izzard, Robin Williams, The Reduced Shakespere Company, and PBS's Manor House on DVD was fun times. Plus the basketball game was interesting even tho we got there at halftime because I can't read.

Last weekend my brother came up to visit again, which was nice cuz I hadn't seen him since Christmas. We went out for dinner, and then Saturday I woke up with a sore throat, went to the basketball game, and yelled myself hoarse, before going out in the bitter cold for some shopping time with my mom. Got back and collapsed in a fever on the couch, watched the olympics for a bit before coming home and shivering to death in my bed fully dressed, heat turned way up, under 9 blankets and a sleeping bag. Sunday was outside Fraternity stuff all day, which didn't help much, and Sunday night was spent about the same at Saturday, with the cold and fever bit. Monday I stayed inside all day, skipped my class and my meetings, hearted my mom when she came over and made me mac and cheese in my apt while I froze on the couch (again under all the blankets I owned) and then woke up early this morning feeling a little better at noon, when I went out of my house for the first time for Big/Little time. Then I went back home and found my fever again, and skipped band and the basketball game to freeze at my computer. I'm starting to feel a little better again (yay for non-prescription medicine) except I've completely lost my voice and it hurts to even try to talk. So I type instead.

In other news, [personal profile] kidcyclone is visiting her daddy in Oregon this week, which means I've not got her to play with and I really need a spanking. *sigh* I'd like to write a story to make up for it, but my muse must have left when I graduated high-school, because I've not written a good story since. 

Soon, though, she'll be visiting me... (and by me, I mean me, emily, pet, and our other friend annie) and I'll be getting lotsa spankings, so that makes me happy to think about, and keeps me going. *smile* Think I'll try and write a story now.


Dec. 3rd, 2005 03:47 am
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So I'm up late again, having a productive evening looking up people I know on LJ and friending them whether they want to be my friend or not. And... I do post some rather interesting stuff on here... and have some interesting stuff in my profile, but fuck it. This is me and everything I post is important to and a part of me. Still is kinda embarassing, but I'm getting over it.

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