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Still no news on the housing front. The two places I emailed from craigslist haven't gotten back to me. :(

Yesterday I played WoW for about 13 hours, increasing my iLvl from about 320 to 339 in one day. Not half bad, if I do say so myself. Unfortunately now I'm stuck in that point of having shitty gear in heroics, with the only way to get better gear by doing heroics. Thus, I lose groups faster than dead skin cells cuz I can't heal all that great with this shitty shitty gear. And I hate healing 5 mans anyway. I've been tempted to just queue as Shadow, but I did one like that last night and my DPS sucks as well. Basically, I'm already depressed about WoW because I suck and my friends are never on when I am.

I've been having fun through the TARDIS RPG, though I changed characters. I'm now playing Post-Utopia Jack Harkness, currently chained in the bottom of the Valiant. My Jack!Muse is being hyperactive, however, as I had to check myself during work last week when I realized I was making far too many inappropriate jokes. Ah well. My co-workers (and even bosses) are really cool about that type of stuff. We even have a running joke about "Sexual Harassment Friday" where inappropriate jokes are allowed on Fridays... and if they're made during the week you just have to say "Oh, oops, it's not Friday, is it?" and that pretty much makes it okay. I love my workplace sometimes.

I'm re-working my portfolio slowly, but next weekend is the So-Cal USITT job fair, so I need it done by then. I don't have any worries about that though, especially since I have tomorrow off as well thanks to MLK day.

I watched the 2005 version of The Producers yesterday, and mostly liked it. It was odd seeing Will Farrell in a movie that wasn't a Will Farrell movie, but he wasn't completely off-putting. The best part, though, was definitely a bleach blond John Barrowman singing Springtime For Hitler. That made me laugh so hard. I love that man.

I've also been reading everything on the Torchwood_Kinkandseek list for impact play. It's an AMAZING list of as many spanking Torchwood pieces as they could find. It hasn't been updated since November, 2010, but it's still amazing. The link for the list is here.

Other than Branwen Blaidd's stuff, which is always amazing, the one I just read yesterday was a piece called "Green" by [ profile] wired_lizard. It is SO HOT.
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Finally managed to see Leverage thanks to googling "Leverage Online". Don't ask me where they got it from and the quality was kinda crappy, but I did get to see it so I'm happy. I love this show!!!

Leverage Spoilers )

Also, in my effort to get myself writing again, I signed up for another Bingo thing. No idea what fandoms I'm going to use, but here's the card.

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So I forgot 1 on my list-o-kink. 

34. Blood. (Not gushing, not bruising, just... lines of blood.

possible SPOILER/SADNESS WARNING... 2 pics behind cut are from Devil's Trap (aka the SPN finale).

Mmmmm bloody!Dean. I want s'more of that, baby.

PS- Mouse-over to see where the pics came from, because I didn't make or cap any of them. Thanks to those I swiped them from.

Oh, and in other news, my new computer hasn't come yet, and my old one is being weird... a while ago it stopped showing the animation on .gifs, right? Well today it allowed me to see ONE, but no others. And it wasn't one I wanted to see either. Plus, it wouldn't show the pics on the Bruised and Bloody picspam, (where I got the first one from) except for the last 7. So I have no idea about the ones at the top... but if you wanna see them and tell me about them, here's the link.


May. 17th, 2006 12:37 am
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So I'm totally random tonight. After staring at what must be one of Jensen's senior pictures, not mine

I realized how crazy Texans are. I mean, this kid is wearing a sweatshirt with the name of his state on it and his state flag on his head, and he's smiling and obviously so proud, because he got it for a senior picture pose. (Or so I'm guessing, but the pose is so Senior picture cliched it's gotta be.) Now, I know damn well that if anyone in Ohio decided the wear a sweatshirt that said "Ohio" on it and somehow tied the state pennent to their head they'd be TOTALLY laughed at... and most likely weren't really from Ohio anyway because everyone in this state hates it and wants to leave.

Now my question is why are Texans so gung-ho about their state, when the only other people I've talked to who like theirs are people from Pittsburg (and only when talking to someone from Ohio). (Mostly because of the Steeler's/Pitt vs. Brown's/OSU thing.) 

I mean, honestly. Do Texans teach state pride in elementary school or something? Cuz Ohio really really doesn't. 

Oh well. So that was my first random thought of the night. Second was the fact that over the past few nights I've been reading tons of fanfic and writing down on a regular sized post-it note all of my kinks. The post it note is full and I count... 33... and sadly all of them were thought with Supernatural in mind, meaning that I've read fics or seen pictures containing at least one of each... though I've done the same with Buffy previously.

33 kinks )

I just thought I'd share that which is probably more TMI that anyone needed to know about me... but I'm horny and can't help but share my kinkiness with the world. Woo.


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